Oh! What a Night!

I had all the crutches out last night … will fill in the dots later!

© 2015 Ed C Lunnon

I have been ill for ten years and one month. Until now, I have had to deal with discomfort but not really any pain.

All this has changed now, and the last week has introduced some pain into the management programme.

The last few days has introduced much pain and last night was just horrendous!

if you have been following my blogs, you will know that I had a ring finger operated on some two months ago. Then the stitches were removed, the pin came out and the occupational therapist came in.

Last week, I saw the OT therapist, the masseur, the orthotist, the Orthopaedic surgeon, the ophthalmologist, the optician and the GP.

On Thursday I was using crutches and by Friday night, the muscles in my legs and feet and toes were constantly contracting.

on Saturday evening I woke up at two experiencing the most excruciating pain that I have yet had to endure from the CBD. All my muscles were contracting and my feet were trying to double up and bend right over the ankle. I took my six am pills, my ten pm and my 2pm but nothing seemed to help. Eventually, I fell asleep at about five and woke up at ten am. The pain was gone, but came back once or twice during the course of Sunday.

i guess this week we’ll have to visit some more doctors, and pay a few more pills!

Treasure your good health!








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