Tears and Beers and Cheers

life’s TOO short for … | BrainStorms – Ed Lunnon’s Blog

©2016 Ed C Lunnon 10 years 2 months ill 

Many people will remember the Lunnon kitchen at No 19. It is now Lynne’s kitchen.

Before Lynne, it was Ma Lunnon’s.

Many will remember her …. The kitchen, the red Formica kitchen top, the coffe pot with it’s muslin bag, the hot milk and, of course, the coffee! 

And, at this time of the year, the Christmas pudding hanging in the muslin bag in the doorway.

This weekend we celebrate her life too. Her short stint of 55 years was cut short on 19 November 1986.

And we celebrate the life of Ingrid on the same date.

Life’s too short for regrets …

One comment on “ Tears and Beers and Cheers

  1. I remember it all very well, the kitchen, the coffee pot, delicious scrambled egg sandwiches. My heart feels heavy, tears are in my eyes, my sorrows and prayers are with you. There’s a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:4). This is naturally the time to weep and mourn. Then, after a time, may you find some comfort and joy in bitter-sweet reminiscing. Bless you all. Lots of love and hugs Genevieve (Sneeden) Navisotschnig.

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