So, Sean has left home!

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So, he has left home not because he’s angry or because he’s had enough or because I’ve angered him (at least I hope not).

He’s left home because the time has come for the chicken to leave the nest. Funnily, just the other day I attended a meeting where the discussion was about the impact on the world economy because children worldwide are leaving home later and later in life.

Sean is 25 this year and earns his income from the auto industry. Up until now, he’s lived at home benefitting from his mother’s excellent cooking and Barbara’s washing and ironing, my paying of the domestic accounts and Phillip’s D-I-y skills and unusual sense of humour!

On 1 January 2017, he moved into his own rented flat (just up the road, mind you!)

He now faces the wrath of the world’s economy – and the principles of supply and demand. He faces his own shopping, and domestic chores, and cooking. Thank goodness, his Mom has trained him well. I look forward to the invitation to that first meal.

In the meantime, I giggled at one of the first whatsapp messages we received on our family group chat. It simple read, Jis Mom, groceries are expensive!

It’s a sad time in our lives ( yet another!), but it’s also a glad time. After all, this is the moment for which we as parents have spent the years preparing our children.

The time has come.

We wish Sean all the best fortune as he heads out on the sea of life. May he find the grocery bargains and may the wind often come from behind.

We, and I especially, shall miss you son.

But the time has come. The world awaits you. It is your oyster.

Go well. Hamba kahle.

One comment on “So, Sean has left home!

  1. Shjoe! Goosebumps stuff! Been there….. So happy for them..glad for them, yet so sad they are going. The airport has two extreme emotions for me these days. ‘Departures’ is the ‘sinking feeling’ and ‘Arrivals’ is that elated feeling. The circle of life… Thank you for sharing.

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