So …

(C)2017 Edward C Lunnon | ILL 10 years 4 months | Physical Adv CBD / MEntal Deuce

So, it’s three in the morning, I’ve been awake for an hour, tossing and turning, and now I’m writing.

I fell asleep last night in my clothes at about 8pm. My body is tired.

Some fifteen of Pera’s junior primary department were around for supper, and if that’s happening then one knows that it’s the beginning of another new year.

Arguably, Grey is the best school in the province. That makes this the best Junior Primary Division in the province, these teachers the best in the province and Pera, the best JP HOD in the province.

Whatever, the cream of Port Elizabeth’s young boys are placed in their hands at the beginning of each year, and what ever comes out of the pipeline in twelve years time, starts here with theses ladies. That’s quite a responsibility …

Which reminds me that my Sub A teacher ( Grade 1), Mrs Rice, has just passed away at the age of 102.

Now that is something that I would have phoned Ingrid about to share with her, but when I woke up at two, I recalled that I should phone Ingrid, but then I remembered that I couldn’t. She wouldn’t answer! She isn’t home …

Anyway, I digress..

After supper, Pera at her best, I went to lie down on my bed, ready for the Golden Globe awards. I woke at two, … no Golden Globes, no ladies, no pyjamas, and a blaring TV on CNN talking about the Village Idiot.

So now my daily dosage of pills of all colors, shapes and sizes is messed up, the cramps begin and the mind starts playing tricks, the “now I’m getting used to the hallucinations” thing.

But no sleep …

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