(C) 2017 Edward C Lunnon (ill 10 years 4 months)

Deuce – both physically and mentally … Crawling back!

Please contact me if you know of anyone travelling to Graaff-Reinett/ Aberdeen. I’m in need of a lift for myself and in return can offer you good Company, humoRous Anecdotes, sharp observations, astute Political comment (summarized as CRAP) all in a crystal clear radio voice. Please inbox me … (translated “in die doos”) … Maybe no translation required!

This note appeared on my Facebook page yesterday. Yes, I need a lift, both physically and mentally.

I need to pull the pieces together and get back on top of things. So, I’m looking to go to Dootndraai, the farm (ranch) in the Great Karoo on the plains of the Camdeboo that belongs to my friends, the Ogilvies. Here, at the centre of the  goat farming industry and the fracking and uranium debate, the middle of the arid lands and the drought of South Africa, where 40 degrees c is the norm, not the exception, and to quote Rory Stear, here at the centre of the Universe, I will find the strength to escape, to complete my book, to spend quality time, to be thankful for all the blessings and to drink a few cold ones.

Of all the things that I have been taken from me by the CBD, what I miss the most is the ability to drive and the independence that goes with that. Just having to ask for a lift, is yet another nail into my fragile emotional state.  Maybe I need a chauffeur! … Driving Mr Daisy?

It’s three in the morning – damn, I can’t sleep again. I know it’s three because I hear the noisy engine of the delapidated VW Golf that delivers our copy of the Herald and the latest in the ramblings and tweets of the Village Idiot elect.

We’ve got Jacob but you’ve got Donald! We sing and you tweet! The problem is going to be when you tweet and we’ll have to sing to your tune …

So, Sean I apologise for falling asleep on your first visit home since you left home. It was good having you back and having that Flying Fish with you. The company may not have been great, but your mother’s roast chicken definitely was! Maybe, if I sleep at night, I will be  better company during the day.

Yes, I’m looking for that lift …

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