So it’s the MexTex Border …

© 2017 Ed C Lunnon | Ill 10 years 4 months

Advantage CBD

So the Chinese – don’t you just luv ’em – they built this wall together with the North Koreans as a prototype for you, Donald. You can do it, Donald, they said, you can do this by you and yourself. No need to bring in Mexican labour, may just have to Bill (that’s not Hi-la-ry,s husband) the Mexicans.

I luv ’em, Donald, like you, but we gotta stop the drugs coming over the Red River in sombreros and gondolas. Let them head for Europe and we’ll tax each one that passes by Key West on their water boards.

You, as the President of the United States and, I , Xi Jinping, the leader of the People’s Republic of my Tjaina, we gonna make America great again, and maybe we can get Vladimir to Put-In nice Russian ladies. But not Melania, she has a degree in copy writing from the University of Ljubjana, and she’s gonna remain on Broadway.

Put-in is becoming a Vladi nuisance anyway! He’ spending too much time in the Gym. I guess he is also a Discovely member and has to build up his Voyager miles for his next trip to the  ISS -International Space Station, Donald, that’s not to be confused with ISIS now!

But we can’t have the Russians committing Crimea all over our our beloved mother lands. (By the way has Barrack found his Birth Certificate to prove his mother’s a Hawaiian).

I think the FBI has mislaid my tax returns and Laduma’s birth certificate! They’ll blame it on my Russians hacking again – but they destroyed the documents when they were checking Hilary’s hard drive. No, Donald, don’t get confused now – that’s not Bill I’m referring to … My interpreter gets these things wrong. 

Maybe we should resort to sign language and get that South African that’s so good at sign writing. I’ll ask the Guptas to arrange.

So yes, Donald, sometimes I think I’m going to like you and then I don’t. Sometimes I think I’m not gonna like you and then I do. BUt Maggie and You are gonna get along – no not Maggie – that was the other British woman whose father owned a grocery shop. I didn’t check if she came from Portugal or Greece. Hope we don’t have to send her back!

No, it’s May I was referring to – the one in Red that came to tour yourWhite House. For a moment rhen I thought she had taken the Red Carpet, but it was to impress the communists on Red Square. Good surname she has – fits in with our May Day celebrations!

I’ll have to tweet her to wear it again! She really twittered in that Colour. And maybe she can wear it when she and you come to visit the Queen later this year. It matches your hair Colour, too!

So, Donald, I have to BRexit now.

But, please come fetch your wall …

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