Ill 10 years 6 months / (c) 2017 Edward C Lunnon / Deuce


Just a few weeks ago, Phillip Weyer-Henderson gave me a lift home from the Old Grey Club in his Audi R8. A few of us (from the Class of 1984 – my first class at Grey) had lunch together at the Club.

It was the last time that I saw Phillip alive. This morning I was informed that he had been killed, together with two other Old Greys, in a car accident.

Just a few years ago, we had lunch on their farm, Toekomst ( read my blog by that name near Jansenville. Their daughter Amee had asked me to talk at Collegiate.

We spoke about the Toekomst (The Future), about being positive!

Since then, they have lost their mother, Liese, in the farm dam.

Now, their Dad in a car accident.

I have given up on counting the losses of the last few years: last week it was Shane Fourie, Sonja van Rhyn, Willem Engelbrecht, Ingrid Scholtz, John Clarke, Andrew de Wet, Rob Stear, Pam Thomson, …

After Liese’s death, Phillip regularly invited me to come and visit him on the farm. I kept on postponing the visit. Now it’s too late!

Stay positive?

Life and death – the two sides of the coin. I will write later.

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