Die Roos Gevaar

Today, the day afterthe bomb blast in Manchester, I took my Rooi Gevaar (Red Danger) on its longest trip yet, some 5 km through Newton Park to my hairdresser and back. Thanks to Grant for keeping me looking good.

Some comments from a disabled person:

Street furniture

Pavements are broken, uprooted, concrete is broken

Piles of rubbish and builders rubble are piled up

Unmowed grass verges

Cars parked on pavements

Curb ramps on one side not matched on the other side of the road

Pavements dug up with no passage way

No concrete walkways at all

Other drivers

Cut corners

Stop over the white lines on the road leaving no pedestrian crossing

Ride before lights turn green and after they turn orange and red

Don’t know how to navigate traffic circles
All in all, took me 15 minutes there, little nervous and shaken, and twenty minutes home.

Now I better recharge the battery! Range is 40km

This is life in the not so fast lane …

Ps. I miss my X-Trail