Woodbridge Weeps

Ill 10 years 9 months | © 2017 Edward C Lunnon | Advantage CBD

It has been a week of  drought, wind and fire; of bad, good and ugly; of blood, sweat and tears.

The only water we have seen is that coming from the firemen’s hoses, from the volunteers’ containers and from the helicopters’ buckets.

We have lost lives, we have lost property and we have lost confidence.

Yet, we have gained faith, hope and charity, and the greatest of these is LOVE.

Chris Ekron writes the following:

As I sit down here in Cape Town looking at photos of the school buildings getting burnt, I cant even begin to imagine what the community of Woodridge and Thornhill are facing.

 My home and safe place for 7 years of my life, has burnt, all gone, yet I cant even bare the thought of how those staff who were staying there and the current pupils of Woodridge must be feeling.. 

I was honored to be headboy of the College in 2010 and something that really became evident in that year was the sense of belonging to a “community” and that feeling still runs strong in me even after all these years and living away from the Eastern Cape.. 

I have no doubt that the Thornhill surroundings/Woodridge will rebuild to even greater things and achievements with the help of us who have been privileged enough to attend such amazing school and were taught what it meant to be part of a community! 

Woodridge is based on the people, and the people make it great, let us make it even better! 

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