Twitter and Twump


©2017 Edward C. Lunnon | Ill 10 years 10 months | Physical: Adv CBD / Mental: Adv CBD

We live in a world of turmoil.

Here at home, it's politicians vs Jacob Zuma. Today, it's Grace Mugabe, 52, allegedly assaulting  Gabriella Engels, 20.

In the USA, there's Trump, Twump and Thump – North Korea, Gaum, fake news, CCN, Russia investigations, KKK! …

In Britain, there's Brixit.

Then there's climatic turmoil, natural disasters, nuclear bombs …

Despite Twitter, Facebook, computers … We have no answers.

Despite modern technology, we have no cures.

My own body is in turmoil. You haven't heard or seen me in a while. Frankly, I'm taking strain.

The pain is wearing me down. My failing eyesight is disturbing. I'm walking with difficulty. My thoughts are not always lucid.

My emotions are a Disneyworld roller coaster ride.

Yesterday, I was better than today. Today, I'm better than tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I'll be worse than today!

I'm thankful for every yesterday. I'm fearful for every tomorrow.

But, walls are not the answer. Not for Mexico, not for China, not for me.

I'm back!