The Month of September 2017

I spent most of this month visiting in Gauteng, the richest Province in the Republic of South Africa.


I departed Port Elizabeth International Airport just after noon on Saturday 9 September, picked up an hour and a half later at Oliver Tambo International, Johanesburg and was braaing a short while later in Modderfontein, where I spent the night.


Like most Gautengers do, we went out for brunch – to Greenstone Shopping Centre. Nothing is nicer than a not at home cooked breakfast. Mid-afternoon we headed for our Administrative / Executive Capital City Pretoria (also known nowadays as Tshwane). On a Sunday afternoon the some 50km took us an hour; during the week at peak hour traffic, it could take up to two hours! We arrived at the Uptons in Waterkloof Glen just in time for a late lunch or early supper of a chicken in the Webber, and visited till late into Sunday evening over a few Castle Lites.


The Upton week was interspersed with a trip to Johannesburg – Rupert dropped me at Hatfield station at four on Tuesday afternoon, then the Gautrain to Sandton station and then the Über to the Harwoods in Bryanston, arriving 5 minutes late at 18h05. Modern day African transport facilities up with the best of London!

Pizzas for supper at the local centre, a late sleepin, a visit to the local private school, and then off to the Old Grey dinner at Investec in Sandton. It was great saying hello, but not saying goodbye.

Thursday afternoon, Luke dropped me off at the Sandton station and I met up with Samantha in Hatfield. Then home and supper in the Pretoria countryside, with Sam, Rupert, Hannah and Matthew. Good company, good music and good food all make up for a good evening out.

Friday was a lazy day.


We watched the Springboks lose to the Kiwis, went hamburgering in Hatfield and visited the new Pretoria East Casino Complex. Sunday we visited and shopped at Menlyn.


Monday was my birthday, and also time to Uber transfer to the Reelers at Pretoria Boys High (no apostrophe !). Visits, shops, restaurants, faulty iPads, physiotherapists, school tours and coffee shops filled the week until it was time to return to the Glen in Pretoria East on Friday afternoon, just in time for the chicken Webber. (If yyou ever marching to Pretoria and need a physio, contact Marissa Dahms at Colin Hill physiotherapists, the resident physio at Boys High.)

I woke up in Waterkloof Glen on Saturday morning, brunched in Newlands, picked up the dog at the doggie parlour, collected my luggage, was offloaded at Hatfield Gautrain station PTA, picked up in Sandton JHB, drove to Craighall, caught up and braaied – sans electricity!


The lights came on at about 2am and woke me up! That was the end of my sleep, but I only got up at nine. We dined up at a lovely English breakfast, caught up on the Sunday newspapers and on our fellow Hottentots- Holland High friends who had been brought up in that famed valley of Van der Stel in the Cape of Good Hope … The Lunnons and the Faures were discussing themselves and the rest, and we wined up on some decent red Cape wines too!

Then came an afternoon Weber and the much awaited Carte Blanche expose on meat sell by dates. Mart-Marie Faure is a producer of our MNet Sunday evening fare! That was followed by a Sunday evening cheese and wine which ended our catch-up of the weekend and our celebration of our Heritage Day!


We drove the wealthy streets of Johannesburg on our way back to Modderfontein. I had come full circle.

Another Heritage Weekend braai and a few gins to compliment my medication, put me in a good mood for packing again for the last time before returning to Port Elizabeth. It had been two weeks of catching up – friends, colleagues, schoolmates, pupils, Hottentots-Holland, Grey and Pick ‘n Pay – my Heritage!


Uüber to the Oliver Tambo airport, Boeing to the Nelson Mandela Bay and Phillip’s car to Ryan Street – Gauteng and back in two weeks. Despite my nerves and the stress and the illness, I had completed yet another trip.

The rest will follow soon … PS The reason this is late is because of my IPad becoming dysfunctional … It’s working again! e & OE

(C) 2017 Edward C Lunnon

My thanks to my ex-pupils, colleagues and friends for hosting and transporting me in Gauteng. I appreciate and value your friendship. Until we meet again, may God keep you in the palm of his hand …

Graeme Gathmann, Gavin Mulvenna, Rupert and Sam Upton, Luke and Nicolene Harwood, Guy and Bev Keeling, Rose and Tony Reeler, Piet and Mart-Marie Faure

And their wonderful children

and to Phillip, for taking me to and  from the PE Airport.




(c) 2017/ 2012 Edward C. Lunnon  Connie Faust (Ill 11 years | Physical Advantage CBD / Mental Deuce)


To my sister, Ingrid (from the Norse meaning Fair, Beautiful)


It’s your birthday up in heaven

And I’m wondering what you’ll do.

Will there be a celebration

And some cakes to honour you?

Are the kitchen angels busy

Breaking eggs and sifting flour?

Is the angel choir practicing

As it gets closer to the hour?

Is there ice cream made from snowflakes

And some sweet things made from clouds?

Will it be just you and Jesus,

Or all the happy crowds?

I won’t be there to hug you

Or to count my many beers,

And I’m sure I’ll feel lonely

As I shed some birthday tears.

But I know your heavenly birthday

Will be your best one ever!

Just remember,  I still love you –

On your birthday, and forever!

Missing you, now and always!

5 September