Herbie Louis Lunnon

Yesterday, 42 years ago on 30 May 1976, my Dad passed away on the farm Leeukuil in the Agter Paarl district.

It’s been a long walk without a father. He suffered a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed from 1969.

I regret growing up without a father figure as much as I regret not being a father figure for our own boys.

But the walk continues …

Newton Park

I went for a walk today.

It was just three blocks through the hood. I had my beard trimmed at the half.

It’s a lovely autumn day and my warm top became too hot!

My hammies were sore and my left hip painful – almost didn’t make the walk!

Pity about the building rubble on the Cecil Street sidewalk. And pity if I passed you and didn’t wave. My vision gets progressively worse.