The Circle of Grey Life

This morning I walked in a circle from the Grey High School campus to the Junior School. I haven’t done that in a while and it’s not much more than 500 metres – if that!  I’m not sure if I’ll do it again unaided. It was difficult and painful.

More concerning to me is the fact that the campus is not designed for handicapped people. Not even the modern additions have been built with wheelchairs in mind! I certainly hope that my access to the campus will not become curtailed.

It was the musical chairs that struck me. Where we as young teachers used to sit was now occupied by the very pupils that we used to teach. They were now the parents and their children were the players. Their parents  were no longer there or were those of us retired and walking with sticks!

The circle of school life. I chatted to the retired rector and nodded to the new. It’s been a while since there were two rectors on the campus at the same time!

And, oh yes, the circle will turn and Grey will beat St Andrews sometime in the future again.

Corticalbasal Degeneration

June is MND month. Whilst I don’t have MND, but CBD, it’s just a brain cell away. Please do what you can to help raise awareness about incurable degenerative brain diseases. 

Google the words if you don’t know what they mean!
Thanks for helping … and watch this space … and listen to your radio once again … and let’s share the news!
Thanks for reading, for caring and for sharing!