Hyper Walk

Today I walked where I haven’t walked for many a year gone by.

It used to be a part of my weekly routine when I was still in business – a Hyper visit.

I haven’t done one of those since March 2002, and I don’t visit stores anymore. I can’t see and I get hot and bothered and flustered.

But this morning our tenant invited me to go shopping. It was good to get out and I needed to draw money anyway.

We finished the quick shop off with a Wimpy coffee. I still can’t understand why the menu at different Wimpy outlets ( and for that matter MacDonalds etc) are different. Or they advertise a 24 hour service but close between 3 and 6 and don’t offer a breakfast in the early hours of the morning – some with a bottomless coffee cup and some without!

Wimpy coffee is still great after all these years.

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