Castle Lite Knysna Forest Half-Marathon

Today, 18 years ago, in July of 2000, Lyndsay Brown challenged me to run the Knysna Forest Half-marathon.

I ran that one, the bug bit, and I ran the next five as well. Lyndsay went on to bigger and better things like the Iron Man.

After six half-marathons, I was diagnosed with CBD and hung up my running shoes.

I became a spectator. 

Today, I am not in Knysna, but my heart is there. There can be nothing more beautiful then emerging from the Knysna Forest and looking down the Knysna Lagoon towards the Knysna Heads.

Today, I am not in a good place.

#13 StayStrong

Miracle Recovery of all the Wild Boars and their coach … Thai Nation at its best! Human nature … hope, faith, love 💕

Lump in the throat stuff …