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(c) 2017/ 2012 Edward C. Lunnon Connie Faust(Ill 11 years | Physical Advantage CBD / Mental Deuce)

To my sister, Ingrid (from the Norse meaning Fair, Beautiful)


It’s your birthday up in heaven

And I’m wondering what you’ll do.

Will there be a celebration

And some cakes to honour you?

Are the kitchen angels busy

Breaking eggs and sifting flour?

Is the angel choir practicing

As it gets closer to the hour?

Is there ice cream made from snowflakes

And some sweet things made from clouds?

Will it be just you and Jesus,

Or all the happy crowds?

I won’t be there to hug you

Or to count my many beers,

And I’m sure I’ll feel lonely

As I shed some birthday tears.

But I know your heavenly birthday

Will be your best one ever!

Just remember, I still love you –

On your birthday, and forever!


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