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Lake Louise Canada … Pera and I were  there some (out come the counting fingers!) four years ago (?) when we visited my Stellenbosch University room mate, Glynn Jones, and his family at Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley.

It was great catching up with the Jones’s this month when they were visiting in South Africa –  pity not in real time but the internet had to do!

It got me thinking (again!)

I started blogging way back in 2007 when I first became ill.


It all began when I starting receiving phone calls, many emails and cards and (yes!) letters from family and friends and even non-friends – complete strangers!

It was the era of the advent of cell phones, PC’s, the internet and e-mail correspondence . Then came SMS messages which we thought were great – and our children discovered MIXIT which we thought was dangerous!

Communication became the buzz word, and it made life so simple – or did it? In my case it certainly did assist me in getting through the days of replying to some interested parties, some concerned, some caring and some just plain nuuskierig.

We needed something that was faster, easier and less time consuming – and the IT gods responded. They gave us the internet, websites and blogging apps.

Hence was born www.

Soon to be followed up by http://www. and then,

Tomorrow, I will reflect some more on my life, my illness, my good days and my bad days, my ups and downs, my hopes, my concerns, my family, my friends, my travels, my achievements, my http://www.f@k#@ps, my planning forward and my winding down, my anger and my gratefulness.

Thanks for reading, caring and sharing…

and yes … #ImStaying! 

(Partly because no-one else would accept me anyway!

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