ED is in wED – AlgoaFM Broadcasts

 My sincerest thanks to AlgoaFM and Lance Du Plessis for making these broadcasts possible!

11 Aug 2010

07 July 2010

21 July 2010

28 July 2010

Elvis Blue: Lately

04 Aug 2010

Elvis Blue on KFM

Elvis Blue Live on AlgoaFM

 Elvis BLue Algoa FM (part 2)

10 comments on “Broadcasts

  1. Hi Ed,

    Listened to your podcast this morning….in Bermuda.

    Great hearing you speak and reading your writing….keep going….I am backing you!!


    • Hi David

      Glad I was in Bermuda this morning! Sure get around these days!

      Thanks for your kind words and backing. You guys keep me going!


  2. Need to update the broadcast more offen gettin behind……………..Pls have them loaded so that we can listen to it.


  3. Hi Ed, could you please let me have a copy of your “attitude” story about the lady who had 3 hairs left on her head.. On the Algoa broadcast 11th August 2010. Thanks I would like to share it with a few friends. You are really an inspiration!!! Have a great day.
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Ed, have often heard you on Algoa – am really inspired by your positivity and realness! Heard you talking today about a book called BELINDA – where is it obtainable? Really would like to read it to enable me to recommend it to someone who might benefit from it.

    • Thanks Carol for your comments and for listening – you can get a copy from me. I have sent you my contact details via email. Please call me.

  5. Hi Ed, Allan and Michelle Condon wish to say thank you for your broadcast two weeks ago about their son, Craig, it was much appreciated.
    God Bless

  6. Hi Ed: I worked for W L Lunnons in the mid eighties in Reading UK …. Do you know what became of the company ?

    • Hi Paul Unfortunately not …. I live in South Africa. Maybe with more info we could try and google the company.


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