Remember when …

8 years 6 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

I’m busy clearing out my filing cabinet. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry ….


Remember when …

  • This little man was around
  • The Trust Bank and its black office buildings were in town
  • Your house and your bond was worth R80 000
  • Interest rate was 20%
  • You used fax machines and fax headers

Vodacom’s Voice

7 years 5 months on …

Last week I addressed a blog to Vodacom and other call centres. Lance and i also discussed my frustration on “ED is in wED” on AlgoaFM last Wednesday.

My most grateful thanks to Morne from the Vodacom Marketing Department who contacted me on Friday.

Besides assistance and information given to me regarding the loss of Sean’s (my!) cell phone, he also advised me that Vodacom has a special number for special needs people.

Well done, Vodacom, and thank you for your very prompt response.

I am not yet sure how publicly the number may be made available. As I said to Morne, judging by how often the general public make use of our “disabled” parking bays, I would not like to make this number generally available for every Tom, Dick and Harry to use, because use it they will!

So, for the time being, I will keep it close to my heart and share it with special needs people only!

Thanks Vodacom for being a special company for special needs people!

Martin Groenewald Fund

​​​​​​​​12 Dahlia Street
​​​​​​​​PO Box 182
​​​​​​​​10 August 2013

Friends of Martin,

We look back on two weeks of shock and high drama, but all in all, we stand in amazement about the goodness and favour that we experienced during this time. Our hearts are filled with a deep sense of thankfulness which words cannot describe- thankfulness for the miracles of our Heavenly Father which we could experience and the wonderful support of friends. We cannot even start to mention names, but would want to, through this medium, say: Thank you so much.

We have been approached by people who want to contribute financially towards Martin’s future medical and rehabilitation costs. We do not have a medical fund. We are advised that, depending on Martin’s recovery process, it could amount to a substantial amount, which could include further orthopaedic visits, x-rays, physio- and biokineticist treatment, etc. After consideration it was decided to start a fund to provide in this regard, the idea being that, should there be surplus funds after Martin’s treatment, which we trust will be the case, such fund will continue to render assistance in similar instances. The fund is subject to independent audit, and any donor is entitled to inspection thereof.

The particulars are as follows:
Martin Groenewald Players Fund
Standard Bank, Humansdorp
Savings Account number 1865 189 19
Branch code 050015
Any enquiries, please feel free to contact Adriaan at 082 579 0505 or 042 291 1634 (w).


Port Elizabeth Spring

6 August 2013

I have just returned from a well-attended meeting of the Nelson Mandela Bay Ratepayers’ Association.

Citizens are angry!

A process has been embarked upon in order to effect change in our Metro – this could entail the withholding of rates sometime in the future.

However, legally, certain steps have to be undertaken, the first of which is to get as many property owners as possible to complete the attached form in which they declare a dispute with the municipality in terns of non-service delivery issues.

If you would like to see positive change in our City, please then print out the form attached, complete it and fax it to 086 275 1151 immediately.

Time is of the essence!