The New World (Day 1)

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 9 months ill … / Physical: Deuce – Mental: Deuce

Monday 15 June

I spent most of Sunday night up and about – an upset tummy is not what you want on the night before your departure! All yesterday’s lovely steak gone and all my pills gone!

Not a good start on our way to the Northern Hemisphere!

Anyway, feeling a bit jaded as we do the last minute packing and head off to the PE Airport at noon – Phillip at the wheel and Sean to join us at the airport.

More later  …

Oh Danny Boy  (the next verses)

See the first verse on a previous blog ….

Oh Danny boy, the FBI is calling

From USA to PE’s Morningside

The World Cup’s gone, and all the stadia dying

It’s you, it’s you must answer to that “bribe”.

But come ye back with dissent in the Metro

And when the Council staff are going slow

‘Tis we’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow

Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, we need you so?

And when you come, and all the Metro’s dying

And we are dead, as dead we well may be

You’ll come and find the place where we are lying

And kneel and say the ANC killed PE.

Oh Danny Boy, Jack Warner’s also calling

From Concacaf about that  so-called “bribe”.

Ten million’s gone but Twenty Ten was wonderful

It’s you it’s you that chaired our country’s pride.

But come ye back with chaos in our Metro

As our new Mayor with moods at all-time low

Tis we’ll be here in sunshine or  in shadow

Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy we need you so?

And when you come, and all the Metro’s dying

And we are dead, as dead we well may be

You’ll come and find the place where we are lying

And kneel and say the ANC killed PE.

T28 and counting …Dying for Medicine


(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 8 months ill / Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

LoadshEDding has become a daily occurrence. Look at the picture and spot the old and the new – no lights, no TV, headlight, smartphone, transistor radio, marking, sleeping, communicating, etc etc. I’m lights out!

Port Elizabeth has been in the news for all the wrong reasons – murders, rapes, mayors, embezzlement of funds, etc etc.

People are crying out for medicine, others are wanting medicine for purposes of euthenasia or weed for pain relief, etc etc.

Last week we had supper with the Terblanches, lunch at The Friendly Stranger and saw a Centrestage show at The Old Grey Club. Becoming quite social again in my old age and my eighth year of illness, etc etc.

It’s been two weeks of no Wednesday radio. It’s great not being in the public eye (ear!) but I must admit I do miss it! Lance is overseas in the East and we will soon be in the West! The New World! Watch this space when we all back again! All our visas have been approved and arrived now … All we need are Dollars … American and Canadian!

This week is reunion week at Grey. OH Lordie, give me strength! I hope to see the week through and report back next week!

And now it’s eight fifteen and the lights have come on after two hours. I’m actually enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with the darkness.

Chat soon!

ED is in wED (finale) – 29 April 2015

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 8 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed


It was the worst of times. It was the best of times.

It was round about March of 2010. I had been ill for 3 years.

Lance and I met at the Mugg and Bean at Greenacres and discussed the possibility of  doing a radio interview regarding my illness. I had been told that in 2010, three years into my illness, I could expect to become severely incapacitated and that, in all probability, I would die within the next two years.

So, we had our first interview on Wednesday 31 March 2010. The rest, so they say, is history.

Fast forward the clock. 260 interviews later.

I am not yet dead – nor am I severely incapacitated.

Algoa Country, the broadcast area, has got bigger to include the southern Cape and places like Plettenberg Bay,Knysna, George and Mossel  Bay. Together with the Border, the Eastern Cape, the Karoo … the listeners have increased across the country, on the air and online. The number of readers of my blogsite, which I commenced at the same time as our interviews, has increased from zero to just short of 200 000 hits.

I have in a small way been able to raise awareness about my illness, in particular,but in general about living life with whatever the hand is that is dealt to one. ED is in humblED by the reaction of the public and the support and assistance that he has received over these years. 

ED is in wED, yes, for one last time this coming week, but ED is also in blessED.

I am thankful and grateful to Lance du Plessis who believed in me from that first meeting, and who  has supported me and kept me talking behind that microphone during these last five years.

Thank you to AlgoaFM for allowing me those ten minutes every week. Judging by the response that I have received over the years, you cannot imagine how many lives have been touched across Algoa Country.

To the AlgoaFM colleagues who have met me in the passage, chatted to me and encouraged me, thank you for your support and encouragement. I shall miss you all. To Tove, Briony and KayCee, who have also at times interviewed me, thank you for your time and encouragement, too. Daphne, at the front door, always with a smile and a good word –  I shall miss that friendliness ever Wednesday morning!

Yes, it will be quite a change when from next week, I will wake up on a Wednesday and not have to think about the radio or the listeners. As my niece and nephew, Sebastian and Michelle, refer to me, the “radio man” is in retirED!

Thank you to all of you who have listened to me talking to you from the studio, my bed, London, Dublin, Phuket’s massage beds and the length and breadth of our beautiful country. It was only on one occassion, in the Western Cape’s Cederberg, that we were totally prevented from having our talk due to lack of reception!

You, the listeners, have listened in our homes, your offices, your cars, your favourite picnic stops, your forecourts, wherever … thank you for listening!

Thank you for listening, for sharing, and for caring!

We have seen and experienced and discussed numerous events over the last five years. We have seen the best of times and the worst of times. We have seen the best in people and the worst in people.

May I continue to encourage you to  Live Life each and every day. I invite you to continue accompanying me on my journey, however long or short that may still be, by reading my blogs on this site, or

I thank you for allowing me into your homes and into your lives.

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika!

RIP Dave Nichol

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 7 months ill …

Physical: Deuce / Mental:  Deuce

Dave Nichol was a part of us – us being a number of people here in the Port Elizabeth area who have various forms of neurological diseases.

He passed away last week and his funeral will be on Wednesday. 

Every time we lose one of our group it’s like losing a part of us! This disease slowly takes parts of us and then slowly takes parts of our group! It stealthily works its way through the group. It is a silent killer!

We shall miss you Dave and our sympathy is extended to all your family and friends.

This is also Easter weekend with many people taking to the roads, heading for various holiday destinations. Many will also not return home as the slaughter continues on our roads. My family is at St Francis Bay and I spent the day there yesterday. The rain has been pouring down – maybe we wont have water restrictions after all! Electrical load shedding will continue, and St Francis and the costal areas were without electricity for most of the day yesterday!

Easter comes from the word eastre which was a pagan festival and Germanic Godess of the Spring. It is celebrated by Christian people as the Resurrection Day of Jesus Christ and always takes place on the Sunday after the first full moon following the 21st March. 

Tomorrow we head off for Cape Town  to be interviewed for our USA visas. The documents are filed, the forms completed and now remains the interviews. What a mission! Today is also 6 April, the day on which Jan van Riebeeck – the first European to permanently settle at the Cape – arrived at what is now called Cape Town!

I wonder if van Riebeck travelled on a Dutch or a Schengen passport. Did Harry the Strandloper personally check the visas of the arriving party?  Maybe if they had known then what they know now, they would have just sailed on past Africa and gone to Australia instead! They only wanted to open a tuck shop and look at all the trouble it’s caused!

We used to celebrate it as a public holiday, but that is inappropriate in the new South Africa, and, shame, in the present political climate in our country, he is blamed for all the ills in the history of our past. I guess his statue will tumble too, together with all the others that are being torn down. We live in a volatile South Africa  – some would say it is the beginning of our “African Spring”. 

Of course, despite all this spring talk, we are heading for autumn and winter here in the southern hemisphere, with Pera and i having  an extra summer thrown in later in June.

It’s all a bit confusing. When I first visited the USA i told a friend that I had left South Africa in the summer and arrived in the States in the winter. Her reply was “Oh, my God, does it take that long to get here from Africa!”

Luckily, our trip to Vancouver will be far less than that!

This Wednesday will be the 257th interview with Lance on AlgoaFM, with four more to go. I shall write more of that next time. The journey is fast coming to an end … 

  • E-tickets check
  • Car rental check
  • Drivers licence check
  • USA visa pack check
  • Photographs check
  • Canadian visa pack check
  • Credit card check
  • Club card check
  • ID card check
  • Check
  • Check
  • Check
  • Check

The Jones Affair (2)

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage ED


Glynn and Carol and the family left Cape Town last week headed for the KwaZulu Natal South Coast, then Johannesburg and then a Private Game Reserve in the North.

We said our goodbyes on Wednesday afternoon. But Glynn phoned on Thursday morning to advise me that we had not said proper goodbyes!

I find it easier nowadays not to say “proper” goodbyes. I’ve never been one to like saying goodbye anyway and the tears flow quite freely when I don’t know whether it’s just goodbye until the next time or whether it’s farewell!

So for me it’s easier just to say “cheers!” and another meeting along the way becomes a bonus. After the “cheers”, I turn around, walk away and wipe away the tears.

That’s what I did on Wednesday and that’s what I will do tomorrow when I leave Cape Town to return to Port Elizabeth.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.

And wherever we have been we have had to fight the load-shedding problem – Worcester, Durbanville and Stanford!

On Saturday, after having caught up with Riaan on Friday evening (it was a long catch-up), i headed off with Sebastian and Michelle to Hermanus, Stanford, De Kelders and Gansbaai. The weather was superb and the beers were good on “Die Dekkie” in Gansbaai!

Sunday we popped in at Kleinmond and then attended Aunty Doreen’s 90th birthday party at Bikini Beach in Gordons Bay. Doreen is my Dad’s last surviving sibling (of six) and cousins came from far and wide (even Jeannie from Perth Australia) to help celebrate this special occassion. Unfortunately we missed the cousins braai on Saturday night!

Sunday evening we got together with the Muller family (my sister Lynn and her crowd) and said our goodbyes there too.

On Monday I returned to Gretel and Willem in Durbanville. I saw my neurologist in the evening and had summer with him and his wife Helen.

It’s always a pleasure catching up and exploring my CBD even further. I am so grateful that I have a specialist neurologist like Franclo that has my disease and life in his hands. We have built up a special relationship over the last eight years since that first time that we met at Tygerberg Hospital!

Tonight I will meet with Dr Shelley Hellig (Cohen) who also studied with us at Stellenbosch. We holidayed together in South West Africa. There will be much reminiscing and laughter before we too will say our goodbyes tonight.

It’s been quite a fortnight!

Goodbye Cape Town!

The Jones Affair

(C) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

8 years 5 months ill …
Physical: Deuce Mental: Advantage Ed


My erstwhile roommate from Stellies 1976 and his extended family have returned to SouthAfrica from Canada for a three week holiday.

Dr Glynn and Mrs Carol Jones – I was MC at their wedding in 1979 – and their four children B (and his wife Jessanna), Nichola (and her husband Matthew), Cameron and Bryce, and the six grandchildren, Eternity, Jeremiah, Gabriel and Eden and Isaac and Isabella – are all in town – Cape Town, and I have been invited to join them!

So, I have been in the Cape since last Wednesday.

Firstly, with my family Sebastian and Michelle and Lynne and Anton in The Strand, and then with Willem and Gretel Wust in Durbanille.

The Jones arrived on Thursday and since then it has been a whirlwind of activities.

A day of catching up and then sight-seeing: Table Mountain, Cape Point, Boulder Beach, Cape Peninsula, Chapmans Peak, Waterfront, Simonstown, Ceres, Worcester, Stellenbosch, … the list continues and ends with a braai and more braais!

In between I met up with Faith and Ike Vavatsinedes and Riaan Pienaar (also Stellies) and his wife , and a hoard of friends belonging to the Wusts! I also managed to slip in evening drinks and dinner with some of the ex and present SA Navy engineers who studied with us at Stellenbosch and resided in what was then known as SAS Helshoogte.

As we made more memories, we remembered the old ones of almost 40 years ago. We contacted and Im still hoping to see Dr Shelley Cohen in Paarl with whom, together with my sister Ingrid and Glynn, we had the most unbelievable holiday in the then South West Africa way back in 1977.

This is just the skeleton of week 5 of 2016 … the memories will live on and I will try to share more of my unbelievable experiences.

My grateful thanks must be extended to all those people mentioned above who have made it possible for me to return to the Cape. Also to Carol’s brother Alan Friend in Durbanville for his amazing hospitality!

And to Glynn and Carol and their amazing family – it has been my absolute pleasure to be the addition in the Toyota Quantum and my apologies for often being the very backseat driver!

The ride continues …

What A Ride!

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 4 months ill …
Pysical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

25th Wedding Anniversary Edition


This has been a week of occassion:

Back to school after 6 weeks of holiday which saw Pera in New Zealand with Bridget and June, me in Kleinmond with the Wusts, us in Cape Town with the Ridgways and Mullers and Southwoods and Peaches, and us in St Francis Bay with a houseful of Sean’s and Phillip’s friends and the Southwoods. Rolls went back into the water and out came the wakeboard and the ski’s!

We did Christmas in Strand, Ratanga and War Horse and Grand Beach in Cape Town, Farmer’s Market and Thirsty Scarecrow in Stellenbosch and Vergelegen in Somerset West with Gaby and Vera.

The week has been about getting back to “normal” things – all the domestic issues and haircuts, massages, pills, chemists, doctors, dentists, visits from Isaac and Gill from the Hospice.

Carol and Glynn Jones (my university roommate) from Canada contacted me after 36 years and we will meet up soon in the Cape.

AB tumbled the cricket records.

We got to visit with Pam and Neil Thomson and Wendy and John Clarke.

Pera had her annual back to school dinner at home with her teaching colleagues.

Forty years ago, this week,  I departed to the United States

Today is our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Tonight we celebrate.

What a ride it’s been and continues to be!

Ratanga2014 004 Ratanga2014 001 Ratanga2014 002


(c) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 4 months ill …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed


Pera is in the air somewhere between Auckland and Johannesburg. She has spent three weeks in New Zealand visiting her sister whom she hasn’t seen in fifteen years.

She lands in Port Elizabeth tonight and comes to Strand tomorrow – Christmas Eve.

Sean has been in Plettenberg Bay, St Francis Bay and Nelson Mandela Bay. He, too, comes to Strand tomorrow.

Phillip has been in Plettenberg Bay, Bushman’s River and Nelson Mandela Bay. Tomorrow, he will also be coming to Strand.

I have been in Nelson Mandela Bay and Kleinmond, and now I am in The Strand, awaiting the arrival of the family tomorow.

Yes, it is Christmas. Christian (and other) people tend to go home at Christmas and gather with family. So we are here in my home town of Strand and still I can say ” How beautiful is my valley!”

I flew from PE last Sunday and was fetched in Cape Town by my sister Lyn and spent the rest of that day with her and her family.

Then, in the evening, I was fetched by Willem and Gretel Wust and off we went to Kleinmond. Seven days of absolute bliss and beauty – meeting up with old friends (including the Van Jaarsvelds now living in Switserland), eating,drinking, relaxing, walking, swimming, beering, chatting, sitting, house viewing, shopping, Arabelling and etc!

Yesterday (Monday), they dropped me in The Strand with my niece Michelle and Sebastian and their family. A frenetic pace of people here – hitting the malls, the roads, the beaches and all getting ready for Christmas! I also managed a visit with Sonja van Rhijn who has MSA and Danie Schoeman.

Now we await the rest of the family and put into action the Christmas plans!

Christmas 2014 – 2000 years after the birth of that tiny Baby in Bethlehem who changed the face of our World. And as the Jews of that time were all going home, so there are many people who will be on the roads at this time, also going home.

Travel safe, my family, and you and yours. Enjoy this time with your family and friends, rest, recharge and review your life as we prepare to enter the next year of 2015.

I saw a sign in a shop in Kleinmond – it read “Be Kind! The World is a small town.”

May Santa be kind to you as you are kind to others …

Please give a thought and do a deed for those who are alone and lonely this Christmas time, for those who are diseased, ill and in pain and for those of us who have lost close friends and family members during the course of 2014.

Have a very happy Christmas – wherever you find yourself.