Every day I experience simple awesome things that highlight Life’s pleasures and keep me focussed on the positive:


  • Sun 1 Jan: Supper with the Stapletons
  • Mon 2 Jan: Stunning windfree quiet warm morning in The Bay
  1. Sunday 9 May 2010: Mom
  2. Monday 10 May 2010: Tickets for World Cup  –  Germany vs Serbia for the family and the domestic assistant
  3. Tuesday 11 May 2010: The smell and sound of the rain on the parched ground of the Eastern Cape
  4. Wed 12 May 2010: The mirror-like reflection of the homes in St Francis in the water in the canals
  5. Thu 13: Setting sun painting the evening sky pink
  6. Fri 14: Sean comes home from the hostel for the weekend
  7. Sat 15: Glenda and Neil Baker (Sean’s godparents) visit from CTown
  8. Sun 16: Beautiful warm windstill autumn Sunday
  9. Mon 17: Walk on the beach
  10. Tue 18: Hanging flags with Phil to celebrate the RSA 2010 World Cup
  11. Wed 19: Mist rising up off the sea with the sun’s rays peeking through
  12. Thu 20: God gave us Sean 18 years ago. What a privilege and a blessing!
  13. Fri 21: Walk on the golf course
  14. Sat 22: Football and Braai with the Stapletons
  15. Sun 23: Smell of freshly baked bread at the Spar
  16. Mon 24: Going to the Gym
  17. Tue 25: The sound of the sea crashing on the beach at St Francis
  18. Wed 26: The view of the sea and sky and flag-draped pier at Hobie Beach
  19. Thu 27: The moon
  20. Fri 28: Rain and more rain
  21. Sat 29: An efficient doctor for Sean’s knee
  22. Sun 30: An ice-cream at the Red Windmill
  23. Mon 31: The early morning mist in the trees on the golf course
  24. June Tue 1: I found Lindt chocolates hidden in the skew cupboard!
  25. Wed 2: Cuppachino at Blue Waters Cafe  – what a taste, what a view!
  26. Thu 3: Putting SA flags on the rearview mirrors of the car – ready for 2010!
  27. Fri 4: Pera and I had a lovely seafood supper at Cape Town Fish Market
  28. Sat 5: FIFA 2010 World Cup Opening Party with friends at the Bartons
  29. Sun 6: Lovely Sunday morning lie-in till 10h00
  30. Mon 7: The Magic of Flying – Cape Town in 1 hour!
  31. Tue 8: Meeting up with friends and family after soooo many years
  32. Wed 9: Having a glass or three of red wine with my late Mom’s youngest sister, my Aunty Pattie
  33. Thu 10: Pera, Sean and Phil arrive safely in The Strand by car
  34. Fri 11: Watching the opening game of the FIFA World Cup in Stellenbosch at the Brazen Head
  35. Sat 12: Waking up in Paarl looking up at Paarl Rock
  36. Sun 13: Seeing Table Mountain floodlit at night
  37. Mon 14: Watching Sean and Phillip ice-skating at Grand West
  38. Tue 15: Invited to High Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel by Sebastian and Michelle
  39. Wed 16: Spending the day walking around Cape Town’s Waterfront
  40. Thu 17: Snow-capped peaks from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth
  41. Fri 18: Watching Serbia beat Germany live at the Nelson Mandela Stadium
  42. Sat 19: Supper with the Clarkes
  43. Sun 20: Father’s Day breakfast with the family at Hobie Beach
  44. Mon 21: Antibiotics!
  45. Tue 22: The Gees at St George’s Fan Park watching Bafana Bafana
  46. Wed 23: The England Gees at The Boardwalk this morning!
  47. Thu 24: A lovely warm winter’s day
  48. Fri 25: Listening to Just Jinjer at the Fan Fest on Friday evening
  49. Sat 26: Watching Ghana make the quarter finals
  50. Sun 27: Visiting with Oumie and Gramps
  51. Mon 28: Family getting safely to Prince Albert
  52. Tue 29: Feels like the feehvah is disappearing . . .
  53. Wed 30: Meeting Ajit at Mugg and Bean – what an inspirational guy! 
  54. July Thu 1: Family getting back safely from Prince Albert 
  55. Fri 2: The Gees and the crowd at St Georges Fan Park, and Holland beating Brazil!
  56. Sat 3: The Gees at Legends in St Francis  – Germany annialates Argentina
  57. Sun 4: Visiting the Nortjes in St Francis
  58. Mon 5: Superb supper and beautiful evening with the Fouches
  59. Tue 6: Pouring rain!
  60. Wed 7: Celebrating Phillip’s 15th birthday – another blessing!
  61. Thu 8: Supper with Lande and Eppie Ferreira in Patensie
  62. Fri 9: Walk on the beach at Cape St Francis
  63. Sat 10: Watching the World Cup semi-final at Cob’s Cove in the pouring rain
  64. Sun 11: Watching the World Cup Final at the Links – Sean, Pat and Louis
  65. Mon 12: Meeting up with the 40 odd Helshoogte students on tour – what lekker memories!
  66. Tue 13: Sean gets his driver’s licence in Humansdorp
  67. Wed 14: The view of the beautiful crisp blue mountains with snow, sea, beach at Kabeljous
  68. Thu 15: A tour of SAB Brewery at Perseverance – how beer is made!
  69. Fri 16: Drinks with Eddie T at the Pitch and Putter
  70. Sat 17: Phil moves up to B team against Daniel Pienaar
  71. Sun 18: Lunch at the beach
  72. Mon 19: Viewing the harbour at Port St Francis
  73. Tue 20: Magnificent weather in the middle of winter
  74. Wed 21: Amazing support after Ed is in Wed programme
  75. Thu 22: Grey Supporters’ Club function in Newton Park
  76. Fri 23: Assistance from Peugeot with Pera’s car – steering problem
  77. Sat 24: Being able to be at John Clarke’s funeral in Alexandria
  78. Sun 25: The full moon rising over Mill Park
  79. Mon 26: Watching Tuesdays with Morrie on TV
  80. Tue 27: Toasted Cheese sandwiches for lunch with Wendy Clarke
  81. Wed 28: Mist hanging over the Ocean
  82. Thu 29: Andre Roos’s financial advice
  83. Fri 30: The wonders of the Garden Route
  84. Sat 31: Friends and family in Oudtshoorn/Coffee with Jan (Elvis) in George
  85. Aug Sun 1: Still being able to drive
  86. Mon 2: Wonderful summerlike weather
  87. Tue 3: Talking to Lynette
  88. Wed 4: Coffee at Blue Waters with Annette
  89. Thu 5: Earth laughs in flowers
  90. Fri 6: Elvis’s concert in George
  91. Sat 7: Fun afternoon in Plett with the Bryants
  92. Sun 8: Lunch with the Rishworths
  93. Mon 9: Elvis’s interview on AlgoaFM
  94. Tue 10: Being able to write blogs
  95. Wed 11: Leon, Karen and Rob for coffee at BlueWaters
  96. Thu 12: Haircut at the Hair Academy
  97. Fri 13: Grey Orchestra in East London – what talent!
  98. Sat 14: The coastline at Cintsa
  99. Sun 15: Safe trip back from EL through King Williams and Grahamstown
  100. Mon 16: Music – soothing to the ear
  101. Tue 17: Elvis Blue makes it to the top 14 on Idols
  102. Wed 18: Rain!
  103. Thu 19: Prefects’ and Parents Supper at Grey with Sean
  104. Fri 20: Interview with Lewis Pugh
  105. Sat 21: Stellenbosch! Old friends at Helshoogte / Pa Seun Naweek
  106. Sun 22: Church in Helshoogte’s Eetsaal
  107. Mon 23: Drinks at Lord Charles Hotel with Spekkies, Marius and Org
  108. Tue 24: Reunion with school mates at Strand Pavilion
  109. Wed 25: Supper with Wusts in Durbanville
  110. Thu 26: More Stellies – lunch at Brazenhead / Supper at Romantica
  111. Fri 27: Rugby vs Eendrag at Coetzenburg
  112. Sat 28: Aeroplanes! 1 hour back to PE
  113. Sun 29: Rest! Home!
  114. Mon 30: Internet!
  115. Tue 31: Idols – Elvis in top 10
  116. Sep Wed 1: Spring Day – dolphins at Hobie
  117. Thu 02: Visit with Gavin and Lindsay at M&B
  118. Fri 03: Rowan’s sermon at Sergei’s funeral
  119. Sat 04: St Francis Bay again!
  120. Sun 05: Communion at church
  121. Mon 06: Meeting at the Kemps
  122. Tue 07: Willingly tell the Truth!
  123. Wed 08: Sonja van Rhyn in The Strand – Lots of Cyber Hugs!
  124. Thu 09: Gavin’s birthday party at Brewmasters
  125. Fri 10: Family supper with the Scholtz’s
  126. Sat 11: Gym / Memories of Sep 11 and the WTC
  127. Sun 12: More gym
  128. Mon 13: Beautiful day
  129. Tue 14: Sandcastles at Hobie beach / Nadine to start helping me
  130. Wed 15: Braai
  131. Thu 16: Nadine’s help
  132. Fri 17: Barry the Handy man!
  133. Sat 18: My 54th and 4th birthday!
  134. Sun 19: Braai with Tommos, Stapes, MacKenzies, Clarkes – old friends
  135. Mon 20: Royal Wharf meeting
  136. Tue 21: Rest!
  137. Wed 22: Listening to Deidre Kohler speak
  138. Thu 23: Another trip to Cape Town with the Diesels /Breakfast at Rotary
  139. Fri 24: Watching Sean play cricket at Bergvliet (16 runs; 2 wickets)
  140. Sat 25: Watching Sean play cricket at Pinelands (60 odd runs!)
  141. Sun 26: Lunch with Buff and David Maynier at Pinelands Spur
  142. Mon 27: Day at Stellenbosch with the Bryants from Plett
  143. Tue 28: Trip back to PE – breakfast in Swellendam
  144. Wed 29: The find of the year – my very own handyman, Barry the Builder!
  145. Thu 30: New Novilon in the kitchen – looks so good
  146. Oct Fri 01: Putting up Pera’s family tent in the back yard
  147. Sat 02:  Fuddrucker’s Party at home with 60 friends
  148. Sun 03: Lunch at John Dory’s for Pera’s birthday
  149. Mon 04: Listening to music at the Nortje’s in St Francis Bay
  150. Tue 05: Nadine’s helping with the admin
  151. Wed 06: Hospitals like Aurora that help people like Heinrich
  152. Thu 07: Generous people like Sean who did my printing
  153. Fri 08: Birthday parties – Bev Parker
  154. Sat 09: Meeting old friends at the US function @ Radisson Blu
  155. Sun 10: Toekomst Farm with the Hendersons
  156. Mon 11: Addressing Collegiate Junior
  157. Tue 12: Watching Phillip in the waterpolo goals
  158. Wed 13: Rain! and Saving the 33 miners at San Jose Mine Chile
  159. Thu 14: Having the matrics at home for pics before their dinner
  160. Fri 15: Granny’s visit!
  161. Sat 16: Martha’s 80th party!
  162. Sun 17: Day at St Francis
  163. Mon 18: Relax!!!!!
  164. Tue 19: Speaking to the matrics at Grey – Fasten your Seatbelts
  165. Wed 20: Watching the Heritage March to the Old Grey Institute
  166. Thu 21: Valedictory Service – the end of 12 years for Sean
  167. Fri 22: Watching Sean’s 6 against Queens
  168. Sat 23: Watching Sean’s 3 wickets against Queens
  169. 2011 Feb Sat 26: Friends like John and Wendy
  170. Sun 27: Red House River Mile on the Sundays River
  171. Mon 28: Lunch with George and Lee-Anne from London
  172. Mar Tue1: Nadine’s help
  173. Wed 2: Algoa Broadcast No 46
  174. Thu 3: Hospice Nurses
  175. Fri 4: St Francis Bay! Legends
  176. Sat 5: Evening storm over the village. Trat for pizzas
  177. Sun 6: Freshly caught fish for lunch with Barry and Janine
  178. Mon 7: Electricians who know their work
  179. Tue 8: Hobie Beach and new specs!
  180. Wed 9: Dr Butters

13 comments on “THANK GOD!

  1. I thank God for giving me the most supportive and patient husband to help me cope with my illness.
    For supportive and loving friends that take me out, invite me for supper, come to visit and make my life a happy one.
    I thank God that I am still able to drive my car and for being able to afford that automatic car.
    For giving me Lilian, my very loving, willing and supportive domestic worker.
    For giving me Hansie, the gardener who keeps my pretty garden going since I am no longer able to.
    I thank God for dr Lubbe who always answers my frantic calls for help with such patience. And prof Carr – such a clever man and yet so humble.
    I thank God for my boys, both of them loving and supportive.
    For people lik Ed, who inspire me to look around me and see that I still have a lot to be thankful for.

  2. I am privileged to have known Sonja since grade 1 – 49 years to be exact. She is a dear, dear friend of mine. who, despite many difficulties that come with Parkinsons remains gracious and courageous. Ed, I’m so happy to have met you again as well at our recent reunion and also spending a morning with you and Sonja. I listened to the two of you sharing your difficul-ties,..your fears,..your hopes,…your amended dreams … and I saw 2 people on a journey of their lives, for which there is no map or garmin. Yet you are both handling this journey in a way that could put many healthy to shame. Keep on keeping on .. you both have so much to give .. and there are so many people, like myself, who have so much to learn about the true essence of life. You are both an inspiration to me and many others. You are cherished and loved. xxx

    • Thanks Karen for all you mean to Sonja and me. Thanks for arranging the reunion last Tuesday and the coffee at the Kaapzicht for Sonja and I. It is people like you that keep people like us going.

      Hope to see you all soon.


  3. Dear Ed,
    Our association has been a long one and we Thank G-d for bringing you into our
    lives – wonderful that you can still laugh at all the wonderful memories we all have
    of Grey High School.
    G-d Bless you and may you encourage one and all who listen to you on Radio
    Algoa or who know you personally like we do.
    Fond love
    Ivan & Harriet.

    • Thanks Harriet and Ivan

      You remain special people in our lives – from the cricket tour through the delivery of Phillip to the magnificent dinners and the Remembrance Day services! Thanks for all of that!

      Happy years at Greenacres Village!

      Lots of love

  4. Hi Ed

    I have just been through breast cancer and a divorce this year and was really feeling down. I phoned my sister in tears and she told me that I must read your Sandcastle message. She reads your blog all the time and I must say, it has made me feel a lot better today. So I Thank God I have someone who actually listens to me and gives me advise without judging me. She has TM and is in constant pain – I should not be complaining.

    I thank God for all my wonderful friends which I don’t know how I could have coped without their caring and support.
    For Rose (my domestic) who is too scared to go on holiday because she is scared I might harm myself and she won’t be here to pick up the pieces.
    For my two beautiful girls, who give me a reason to carry on.
    And for God who has come back into my life and will make me a better person.

  5. I thank God for my family. my friends, Melonie Gobel and you Ed. I will always admire you for taking so much time to listen to my woes when your cares are worse than mine.

    I thank God that you have a supportive family and that your disease is receiving so much ‘air time’.

    I also thank God that there are such wonderful people in this world who care about others despite their own stresses.

    We each have our own burdens but if we share it, it lightens the load.

    Bless you

  6. Ed, what a wonderful idea. I had not seen this before on your blog. I have now started my own. 🙂

  7. Thank-you Ed that you took the time to phone me….not many would do that.I listen to your show most weeks and am always left with something to think about and how life should really be lived.I thank God that he made me realise how many blessings I have in my life and that I do have the ability to make my dreams come true.You are such an inspiration and I wish you and your family much strength and blessings.I will be popping into Bluewaters to personally thank you.

    Kindest Regards,

  8. Thank you God for the health that I still have. Thank you God for the ability to still walk and use my legs and yes it is Your Will to take them away from me at anytime. Thank you God that I can still hold my 9month old baby girl. Thank you for the inspiration that you have send me in that small bundle of nappies and late nights. I still have some thing to live for and when the going gets tough I still have something to fight for. Most of all thank you for a loving wife that supports me through out the pain and hospitals and mind numbing drugs. It is to easy to give up hope, faith and the will to fight through another day. Thank you Ed for being an inspiration, hearing about your battle and difficulties I know that I have it a lot easier and that there is other people that have bigger daily battles and that I can be greatfull for what i have.

    Thank you

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