May Day!


Watch the video. It’s a miracle that our friends’, the Kapps, house is still there. The other homes are destroyed. Our other friends in Plett, the Uptons, were not so lucky. Their house was razed to the ground.

For my overseas friends, the southern and eastern cape coastline at the southern base of Africa is where we live. From Cape Town in the west to Port Elizabeth in the east is about 700 km. George is slightly more than halfway between Cape Town and PE.

The N2 route from George to PE is known as the Garden Route, not for nothing.It also carries the name of the Garden of Eden and the Eden Municipality.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in South Africa is found along the Garden Route – sea, mountains, forests, lakes, lagoons, elephants, rivers, beaches … whatever you can dream of is found there.

We have been experiencing one of the worst droughts in living memory. This week the forecasters predicted a cold front with winds and rain – big storms!

We all geared up for that. But on Wednesday, the fires started.

The area between Knysna and Plett has been razed, as well as other spots along the coast.

It is a disaster.

Today is also Theresa May’s personal disaster in the British elections

But, as always, the good in man is extracted by the worst in nature.

I shall write more when I feel better …


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But Lo there Breaks a Yet more Glorious Day

Friday 2 June 2017 | Deuce | Ill 10 years 9 months

Our Grey Reunion 2017 celebrations commenced last Wednesday evening with the Selley Concert in the Feathermarket Hall.

After the concert, Pera dropped me off at the Old Grey Club. There are always a few die-hards there who stay until the early hours of the morning. My Neighbour Grant Jennings took me home at about two?

On Thursday evening we had our Reunion dinner in the school quad. Some 630 men sat down for dinner and mingled for reminiscing. Thanks, Rob Elfick, for organizing our table. Afterwards, we bussed to the club for night caps! I got a lift home with the Kriges in the new old Landrover at 4am, and switched off my light at 4h15!

Some two hours later, Phillip took me to the High School to attend the Reunion Asembly. Usually, we would enter the school grounds through the back or front entrance. I asked Phillip to drop me off at the side Maclean Rd entrance. Then normally one would approach the front entrance of the school building. But this is not normal, so for whatever reason, I decided to use the back entrance!

As I passed the tuck shop stairs, a long curly haired gentleman approached me. I moved to the left giving him more room to pass, and said “good morning”. He nodded and we passed each other.

Then from behind me I heard him call, “Ed, Mr Lunnon, is that you?!”

I turned around, and there was Grant Joseph who was in my Std 10 maths class in 1987.

We haven’t seen each other for 29 years! We hugged and hugged and caught up. He was on his way home to rest after also having had a late night. I convinced him to stay for assembly.

The school sang ” Lo there breaks a yet more glorious Day”.

I can’t wait to spend time there with people like Dr Dr (no mistake!) Joseph. We did not have enough time to catch up.

After assembly, I attended the memorial lecture about John Paterson, then had lunch with the 25 year class and then attended the Trooping of the Colour Parade.

Then came the 25 year class reunion at Old Grey Club. 

Thanks to Brendon Horan, Richard Stear, John Ilsley, Ian Jones, …. And Jonathan Kapelus for my lift home at midnight.

On Sat we watched rugby and caught up with Headboy 1984 Luke Harwood. And ….. Pera came to fetch me at the Centenary pavilion at 6pm to attend my brother inlaw Anton Scholtz’s birthday party.

And on the seventh day He rested and saw that it was good.
It was all good.

And as I write this LM Radio is blasting out my school song that we used to listen to in G5 …”Teach your children well …”