Finally, when the smoke clears, we are left with memories of the past, sorrow of the present, and hope for the future.

We share in your sorrow, and we celebrate in our humanity and community of family, friends and strangers, looking forward to new beginnings, hope and a revitalised Woodridge that will rise from the ashes of despair. The bridge of hell will connect the sadness of the past with the promise of the future. We are mindful that we only lost material possessions, whilst others lost their lives. We salute the courage of those who fought the fires. We treasure our memories, for that is all we have left. We came into this world with nothing and we shall all leave with nothing. We celebrate Life.


The fire sent to burn us, builds us

The fire meant to destroy us, drives us

The fire breaks the barriers that keep us apart

Where there was hatred now there is love

Where we were divided now we have bridges

Making South Africa great again!

Extremely proud South African disillusioned in our Government and some of our people

11 June 2017


With thanks and apologies to writers and photographers


Woodbridge Weeps

Ill 10 years 9 months | © 2017 Edward C Lunnon | Advantage CBD

It has been a week of  drought, wind and fire; of bad, good and ugly; of blood, sweat and tears.

The only water we have seen is that coming from the firemen’s hoses, from the volunteers’ containers and from the helicopters’ buckets.

We have lost lives, we have lost property and we have lost confidence.

Yet, we have gained faith, hope and charity, and the greatest of these is LOVE.

Chris Ekron writes the following:

As I sit down here in Cape Town looking at photos of the school buildings getting burnt, I cant even begin to imagine what the community of Woodridge and Thornhill are facing.

 My home and safe place for 7 years of my life, has burnt, all gone, yet I cant even bare the thought of how those staff who were staying there and the current pupils of Woodridge must be feeling.. 

I was honored to be headboy of the College in 2010 and something that really became evident in that year was the sense of belonging to a “community” and that feeling still runs strong in me even after all these years and living away from the Eastern Cape.. 

I have no doubt that the Thornhill surroundings/Woodridge will rebuild to even greater things and achievements with the help of us who have been privileged enough to attend such amazing school and were taught what it meant to be part of a community! 

Woodridge is based on the people, and the people make it great, let us make it even better! 

May Day!


Watch the video. It’s a miracle that our friends’, the Kapps, house is still there. The other homes are destroyed. Our other friends in Plett, the Uptons, were not so lucky. Their house was razed to the ground.

For my overseas friends, the southern and eastern cape coastline at the southern base of Africa is where we live. From Cape Town in the west to Port Elizabeth in the east is about 700 km. George is slightly more than halfway between Cape Town and PE.

The N2 route from George to PE is known as the Garden Route, not for nothing.It also carries the name of the Garden of Eden and the Eden Municipality.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in South Africa is found along the Garden Route – sea, mountains, forests, lakes, lagoons, elephants, rivers, beaches … whatever you can dream of is found there.

We have been experiencing one of the worst droughts in living memory. This week the forecasters predicted a cold front with winds and rain – big storms!

We all geared up for that. But on Wednesday, the fires started.

The area between Knysna and Plett has been razed, as well as other spots along the coast.

It is a disaster.

Today is also Theresa May’s personal disaster in the British elections

But, as always, the good in man is extracted by the worst in nature.

I shall write more when I feel better …