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38 comments on “Live.Life

  1. Ed,
    I listened to you on Algoa again this morning just after a friend of mine told me that they are going to take her 41 year old son who suffered brain injuries in a motorcycle accident from Aurora rehab centre. They are not satisfied with the results they achieved there. He will stay with them in Jeffreys.
    You spoke about going to a speech therapist. Is there anybody around Jeffreys who you can recommend, please.
    They have organized for an occupational therapist and a fisio already but will have to go to PE 3x a week for speech therapy.
    Will appreciate your input.
    Good luck on your journey through life! You are inspiration to many of us!

    • Thanks Ewalda. I appreciate your comments and good wishes. Our journey through life is not always an easy one, but I am inspired by all the support I get from people such as you. I will try and locate a speech therapist in that area for you and let you know. regards ED.

    • A message to Ewalda. My sister had a motorbike accident when she was 28 which left her hemiplegic. After 3 months in a coma at Tygerberg Hospital they told us to take her home as she would be a ‘vegetable’ for the rest of her life. We did that and brought her to HH Hospital in Somerset West where her physio and I, plus family and friends visited her every day throughout the day, stimulated her by playing music, talking to her, encouraging her to move just one finger so that we would know she was still with us. The bottom line is she eventually, through her hardwork, determination and our repeated stimulation became a South African Paralympian and World Record Holder. She eventually could talk, eat, walk with a walking aid and become the beautiful, intelligent and very inspiring person that she was just through the fact that none of us gave up including her. Unfortunately, when she turned 50 she contracted Ovarian Cancer and passed away on 30th July, 2006. To the very end she always gave us the ‘thumbs up’ sign and her favourite expression was ‘Go for it’! Tell that family with the 41 year old son that the doctors don’t know everything when it comes to the brain. Don’t give up. If we had listened to the doctor just imagine how much poorer all our lives would have been including the Paralympians of South Africa!!!!!

  2. Good day Ed
    I would love to meet with you, and share some of my life experiences, post head injury.
    You can also speak to Roy Williams whom I worked with, when at the Community Chest.

    AJIT / 083 4774 370

  3. Dear Mr. Lunnon,

    I was reading the Port Elizabeth Express and read your article today.

    Have you ever experienced any trauma, for instance, any falls, any automobile accidents, or any blows to the head?

    I would like to introduce you to a relatively unknown yet simple scientific procedure that establishes head and neck alignment (without surgery) which in turn, allows the brain to communicate efficiently with all parts of the body without interference. If you look at pictures of yourself does one of your ears appear to be higher than the other? Is one of your shoulders higher than the other? This misalignment may contribute to your circumstances.

    Google “Upper Cervical Healthcare” + some of the symptoms you may be experiencing, and have a look what research is available, what patient testimonials state, and further information from around the world.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you would like any further information.

    Kindest regards
    Janet Meier

  4. Mr Lunnon i think it is time to have some humerous chatter on your Wednesday Show – would be brilliant to hear the other side of your teaching days – this is a hint – would keep it to a family show!

    • Hi Corne

      Thanks for your enquiry. The book is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and published by Warner Books.


  5. Dear Ed, Would it be possible for you to give me contact details for Dr Janet Meier. See 21/7/2010 at 23.10

  6. Enjoy your chats and admire you. My brother has Parkinsons. My sister-in-law caring for him at home due to financial constraints. She has to work long hours. Do you know of any support groups in Grahamstown?

    • Hi there…thanks for your comment! I don’t know, but phone Briar Wright on 041 583 6180. She is from the PE PD support group and may know.

      God bless!


  7. Thanks for the info. I enjoy your talks on Algoa. Face each day starting with a big smile. Smiles are so rewarding. Kind Regards Natalie

  8. Yiour great grandfather is my great great grandfather through my mother’s family – Sonia Rowley nee Lunnon. Her father was William Roy Lunnon (born 1917) in Wookey Hole and her grandfather was William Alfred Lunnon (born 1891) Wookey Hole.

    I hope you can remain positive, my eldest son (13) is also called Sean.

    • Thanks Lisa for your comment and your good wishes. So I guess we are close family then…….will add you in to the family tree.
      Stay in contact and come visit…as family do!


  9. Hi Ed,
    You probably won’t remember me , I used to work at Pick n Pay and you were with HR. I listen to you often on Algoa and admire your outlook on life.
    About 12 years ago I was invited to go deep sea fishing with a group of friends. For some reason I woke up late and didn’t make it in time. To cut a long story short the boat was caught in a storm and no one made it back. After the funeral, the Minister, who was an old school buddy of mine persuaded me to attend his Sunday sermon that weekend. At that sermon he said something that will remain with me for life, that when we meet our maker one day, HE is only going to ask us one question……”I gave you so much, why did you achieve so little?” You are one of the few people who wouldn’t need to answer that question. Keep up the good work, you inspire a lot of people.

    • Ian, thanks so much for your kind words.

      Each day, I am made only too aware of how much unhappiness is in our world, and I know that there is still so much to do.

      Thanks for listening, reading and taking the time to write.


  10. Hi Ed,

    Having known you for more than 30 years, and more particularlarly while we were at US (Helshoogte), I must say that although you are facing certain medical problems now you don’t appear to have lost your sense of humour and love of life. I rarely miss your radio chat and always enjoy it.

    You give me strength with dealing with my MS and let me realise that each day is a blessing while you are still able to do what you can – NO MATTER WHAT THAT MAY BE.

    Best wishes to Sean with his upcoming matric exams.



  11. Hi Ed

    Remember me? I studied the PDM with you at Stellenbosch… I’m so glad to hear you from time to time on ALGOAFM as I am teaching fulltime again, so don’t get to listen to the radio all that much. Also glad you are well and using your talents. God bless you

  12. Hi Ed

    We didn’t really chat that much, the only thing we spoke about was that you were retired! ( I was very jealous at the time!!!)

    I now know what you are going through and commend you for your bravery and commitment to life! Well done for this weekend! Keep well.

  13. Hallo Ed, I listen to you on Algoa fm live on a Wednesday, and must say you have really inspired me…really makes me think that there isn’t much in life that we cannot handle..
    Anyhow, today, 3 November you had an interesting thought to leave with and I really want that thought to pass onto someone special in my life, but just can’t seem to find it on any website..if you could be so kind as to forward it to me, thank you.

    • Hello Marietjie

      The thought was from Eleanor Roosevelt: We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we look fear in the face …
      We must do what we think we cannot.

      Thanks for listening!

  14. Hi Ed, we all have problems and experience difficulties at times, but one of the most shocking experiences must be to go from perfectly normal to being paralised within a matter of hours – not as a result of an accident but due to a viral infection. This has just happened to Ian Maclean of the matric class of 2008 at Grey. His parents gave me the name of the probelm, but for the life of me I can’t remember it. The prognosis for recovery appears to be good, but will take quite some time, it could take up to a year for Ian to get back to normal. This must be terrible for a young man who is extremely active and is now suddenly incapacitated. I thought that I would tell you about this incident as you of all people would be able to understand what Ian must be going trough.



  15. Dear, Ed

    I today read your article in the December 2010 Matieland. I am sorry to read about your problem, but find your positive attitude inspirational. I do not know whether you remember me. I was in Helshoogte with you from 1976 to 1978. Keep the faith.


    • Hello Eddie

      Natuurlik onthou ek vir jou – wie sou jou ooit vergeet!!

      Baie dankie vir jou nota en woorde van bemoediging. Ek waardeer dit baie. Dit is ook altyd lekker om weer ou vriendskappe te hernieu.

      Groete vanaf Die Baai.

      Eddie (the other one!)

  16. Dear Ed,
    It warms my heart to read all these letters to you, and to see how many peoples lives you touch. ‘n Groot druk vir ‘n groot man. xxx

  17. Hi Ed On 5th November 1999 i was on Border duties and heard on the radio that there was a serious accident on the N2 and the road was closed.I told my colleague that somebody had caused some chaos,not realising that my 5 yr old son was in that accident.My wife phoned me to tell me the shocking news.I drove back to Dbn and went to the hospital.He was in ICU and the doctor told us that they did all that they could and that we must just pray.My son lost his memory and after 2 weeks i insisted that he be discharged.I cried and took him home.When he was at home,within 20 minutes he got his memory back.He has fully recovered and has no memory of the accident.He is 17 yrs old now.Start your day and end the day with prayer.

    Regards.Yogi Moodley

  18. hi there, my mom listens to your talk every wed and heard a song on wed 12 jan 2011 – with words ‘come what may’ – it is a 70’s song, i think, – do you have the title of this song for me, please

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