Discovery AlgoaFM Big Walk


Every Wednesday, on AlgoaFM, Lance du Plessis and I TALK dis-ease.

I have also had the privilege of TALKING to many individuals and groups of people, including the Graaff-Reinet and District Cancer Association. I have TALKED about and promoted their Pink Trees for Pauline Cancer Awareness Campaign on 19 October.

Over the years, I have TALKED to many folk, friends and family who have had cancer and who sadly talk no more.

Recently, Seve Chadford TALKED on our programme about “Living Positively”. Shortly afterwards, on Women’s Day, his mother, Kathryn Chadford, died from cancer. I TALKED at her memorial service.

I TALK because I know what it’s like to battle disease. I have my own daily battle with CBD. And, like a battle with cancer, it becomes a matter of raising the bar, of raising hope, raising awareness, raising funds and raising one’s voice. 

But, one can’t just TALK the TALK.

So, I invite one and all to join my family, Seve and I to Walk the TALK, too, and to walk the Walk – The Discovery AlgoaFM Big Walk on Saturday 27 October 2012.

CBD progressively takes away my ability to TALK and my ability to walk. So, don’t delay – just enter now!

It’s for CHOC!

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