Thanksgiving Weekend

Saturday 30 November 2013: 7 years 2 months on …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental Advantage CBD

I have not written for a while. Partly because I am allowing the CBD to take control of me and mostly because I am struggling with my vision and am unable to see properly.

Yesterday I went with Annette Jones and Liz Findlay for morning tea at the Grass Roof Restaurant on the way to Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth. It was the first time in a while that I have been out with them. See the pic on the previous blog. It was good being out in the first warm rays of the summer sun.

Last night we went to the Westcott’s Christmas Party. It was good seeing old friends again, especially those I have not seen in a while. The problem is that I am beginning to forget even the names of those closest to me!

However, I am tired and my body is tired, so I went to sleep early (there!) whilst the rest partied the night away.

I realised this morning that some of the people that were there, like Kathy and Matt Sexton (who coached our Southern Kings and gave us so much pleasure this year) who will be returning to New Zealand shortly, I will most probably never see again. And I didn’t say goodbye … I am sorry about that this morning … and there is no time to be sorry … I shall walk this way but once, so I need to get my mental strength back, if not my physical strength too.

So, here is just a short blog to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends and any one else who celebrates Holiday Time at this time of the year. Enjoy the Holidays and the break from work and school and the lazy, hot summer days.

And to put you in the holiday mood, have a look at this link: