Forty Years Ago, aged 18, Ed Lunnon goes to Oklahoma


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8 years 4 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

“So it was, that on 15 January 1975, at the age of 18, I flew (for the first time!) out of Cape Town via Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Chicago to Oklahoma City and on to Sulphur, Oklahoma.

That’s how I ended up in Oklahoma, Jonathan! That’s how I got to graduate from Sulphur High School. That’s how I got to become an honorary citizen of Oklahoma, conferred on me in Oklahoma City by governor David Boren on 1 December 1975… ”

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Rotary International Exchange Programme


Thursday 7 November 2013: 7 years 2 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

This morning I woke up to read the following on face book, posted by my American host brother Kevin Whitley:

Day 6.  I am thankful for Bill’s boys…my brothers…4 by birth, and another courtesy of the Rotary Student Exchange program.  Brothers who have loved me enough to be honest when I need to hear hard truths, and loved me enough to help carry me when I’m not sure I can walk any further.  Brothers who love to swap memories, and share that “look” when we all know what is coming next.  Brothers who still have my back, and trust me to have theirs.  Brothers by blood, and brothers in Christ.  I love you guys…Blake Whitley, Colin, Brett, Pat Whitley, and Ed Lunnon.

I am humbled, honoured, grateful, thankful, appreciative and indebted to Rotary International and to the people of Sulphur, Oklahoma – especially the Whitleys – for the memories in my adventure novel : The Volumes of Life!

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