Ka Ka En Ka: Ha Ha: ERRATA

Tuesday 30 August 2011: 4 years 11 months on …

Q: When is a friendship in danger of being ruined?

A: When you don’t get the details correct!

So after publishing KKNK* yesterday, I received the following sms’s and emails today:

Jeep! Jeep!

Thee Gordon Wright would never be seen dead, or alive, in a Jeep! It’s a Land Rover, Landy if you like, man van, Mandy, etc. But most certainly not a Jeep. Sies!”

“The Horror!”

“Poor Man-dy needs counselling”

“Man-Dy is still not talking to you ...”

And as for the hunters, I was kindly informed (reprimanded?) by e-mail that I had omitted the following eminent two members of the party:

 “Don’t forget Angus & Will Pringle as well.

Gus is a director at Drake Flemmer and Orsmond (www.drakefo.co.za)  

Will is a teacher at Stirling High. Both from East London”


Then the dinner menu:


 Beetroot, Garlic & onion soup

Tomato tarte tatin with gorgonzola cheese & fresh basil


Seared Kudu medallions

with stir-fried sweet potato, garlic ginger & coriander and julienne carrots cooked in orange juice with a red wine reduction

Deboned leg of Karoo lamb

with potato timbale, fresh garden vegetables and a Madiera sauce


Gratin of crème almond nougat & granadilla sauce.

Can’t remember what the other dessert was… (neither can I!)


 (No wonder it’s billed as a culinary oasis in the heart of the Karoo!)

As the scribe and editor of Ed Lunnon’s Blog, BrainStorms, I hereby take the full blame and responsibility for my incorrect reporting (although in terms of the Disabilities Act No 27 of 1965 I am classified as being mentally disabled), and wish to apologize to all the individuals concerned: Man-Dy, Angus and Will Pringle, and ASG House.

I wish to assure you that there was no malice intended, and sincerely hope that no parties were compromised or jeopardized in any manner whatsoever.

I also wish to assure you that no animals were harmed or injured in any way during the course of this production (except, of course, those buck killed during the hunt).

Should any party feel aggrieved by any of these actions, I suggest that they instruct their legal counsel to engage with Thee Gordon Wright in order that they may dine together in the normal fashion of legal counsel at Gordon’s Restaurant.