The Cape of Good Hope: Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tuesday 18 October 2011: 5 years 1 month on … Advantage ED

The holiday agenda for the week was penciled in as follows:

Tuesday morning                           Shopping – Factory shops:  Cape Town

Tuesday afternoon                         Ice-skating – Goodwood

Tuesday evening                           Drinks at Costa del Sol (Strand) (HHH school mates)       

Wednesday                                 AlgoaFM from Waterkloof Farm and wine tasting

Wednesday evening                      Rocking Horse Show – Durbanville (Die Boer Theatre)

Thursday                                      Trip to Robben Island

Thursday evening                           Drinks at Forrester’s Arms in Newlands (Old Greys)

Friday                                           Head off to Montagu (wine tasting)

Saturday                                       Mountain trip (Langeberg) and Potjiekos Lunch (Protea Farm)

Sunday morning                             Return to Port Elizabeth

 (Plus a list of people to see and things to do – if time allowed!)

I am busy inking in the gaps… in the meantime, look at some of the pics on the earlier blog!

Day 4 – Tuesday 4 October 2011

When I planned the week, I had asked the family what they wanted to do. Pera wanted time to shop (!), so Tuesday morning saw us heading off to the factory shops in Kenilworth – Access Park.

Some 50 odd shops, I would guess, all strung together selling anything and everything from clothing to carpets. It’s not my idea of fun trying on shirt after shirt and pants after pants, but I guess it has to be done! (And I didn’t lose it today!)

So, after a few hours of shopping, I was feeling pretty tired. But, we left Access Park with a few items of new clothing each, and enough of mine for Sean and Phillip to eye and to be able to use to mix and match their own outfits! It’s the joy that one has when your sons are able to wear your clothes! Pera’s the only lucky one in that she doesn’t have to share hers!

Then it was off to the other side of Cape Town – Epping Industria – to visit the Green Cross shoe factory shop. Sean and I make a pretty good driving team – he’s the driver and I’m the Garmin GPS, and we are able to drive straight there.

A large number of shoe boxes and one pair of shoes later, we left the shops behind and moved across the road to the Grand West Casino. This was the boys’ request – an afternoon of ice-skating. Despite the fact that they ice-skate once a year at most, both are managing well on the ice. It’s a pity we don’t have an ice-rink in PE anymore!

While they were skating, Pera and I slipped across to the Canal Walk Centre to do last minute IT shopping.

Then it was home to Strand, and I put in a quick nap (and overslept) before heading off for a few drinks at the Casa del Sol with old Hottentots-Holland High School mates of mine. It’s always good to see old friends! Thanks to Karin Holtshausen for organising these get-togethers!

The boys went off to have sushi with friends of there’s and Pera went off to supper with Michelle and Sebastian. I joined them later, in time to watch the end of SA Idols and see David van Vuuren take over the 2011 Idols crown from Elvis Blue.

The end of a long Day 4 – weary from all the shopping – saw us all crash into bed.