Thank You St Francis Hospice and Supporters

This was my thank you speech at the LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS held in the Feather Market Centre, Port Elizabeth on 1 and 2 June 2013.

The event is held as a fund-raiser for the St Francis Hospice.

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Ladies and gentlemen – good evening, and thank you for those words of introduction.

Yes, I am Ed Lunnon – the face of a voice that you may have heard on AlgoaFM. 

If I may paraphrase Shakespeare, let me say to Ian von Memerty and the dancers today 

“If music be the food of love, dance on.”

 But, unfortunately, in life, the dancing does come to an end.

 And, for some of us, that dancing comes to an end far too soon.

 The “us” I refer to, are the 600 patients with life-limiting illnesses who are the caretakers supported by the caregivers of St Francis Hospice.

 But, we are not just “patients”. We are husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, oupas and oumas – we are people, just like you, for whom the dancing has abruptly stopped and who need care and support.

 Today, I am their face too.

 And, on their behalf, I wish to thank the organizers and the musicians for making this magnificent production possible.

 I wish to thank the men and women of St Francis Hospice who sustain and encourage us along very difficult steps.

 ‘Kind of angels’, Bono called them. They are caring people – Just like YOU are caring people!

 People who support and assist financially to enable the Hospice to remunerate their carers to continue providing comfort to us

 and possibly, sometime in the future, comfort to you and your loved-ones.

 Thank you, our loyal supporters, for all your care shown in the form of financial support, today, in the future, and at the end of this show!

 Your caring for St Francis Hospice allows them to care for us.

 So, from the bottom of our hearts,

 To you, the supporters – Thank you for the money.

 To you, the carers – Thank you for the moments.

 To you, Richard and your performers – Thank you for the music.