Jeepers! What a Round Road Trip

7 years 8 months ill …
Physical: Advantage ED / Mental: Advantage ED


I Remember …

… Two weeks ago, Sean mentioned that he may need to deliver a Jeep to a client in Johannesburg (there and back, some 2000 km and twenty hours travelling away from Port Elizabeth)

… My overseas friends: Johannesburg is to Africa what New York is to North America – our powerhouse and economic hub. It’s the City of Gold – both literally and figuratively. Situated on the Witwatersrand ( white waters ridge), it even lends it’s name to our currency, the rand!

… I offered to go with Sean for two reasons: everyone knows my penchant for travelling by now; but, more importantly, he has never driven to Johannesburg nor in Johannesburg ( and I couldn’t imagine my booytjie doing it by himself!) He, of course, turns 22 today, so a very happy birthday son!

… The arrangements for the trip changed by the minute. Then it was on, then it was off, then there were holdups at the bank, then unsigned documents, then a change of heart by the customer, then problems with the delivery time, then time constraints, then … then … then …

… Each time the change in arrangements necessitated a change in the logistical arrangements for travel and sleep overs. Phone calls and BBM’s and WhatsApp’s and and and. The help of friends and family all over the country was called in! Thanks so much for all the assistance!

… Eventually, last Friday was departure scheduled for 4am, then 9am, then 1pm, then off, then on, then postponed till Saturday 9am. Each change brought a change in delivery time to the client and a change in route, change in sleep over arrangements, etc etc.

… We left Port Elizabeth at 9am Saturday morning and Rory Duncan, ironically, was in the lane next to us as we left the City.

… From PE, we travelled via Cradock, Hofmeyer, Steynsburg, Venterstad (not to be confused with Ventersburg or Ventersdorp!) and the Gariep Dam to Bloemfontein, arriving at 4pm Saturday afternoon.


… Then at 6pm, thanks to Rory, we went to watch the Cheetahs play the Brumbies at Free State Stadium. Cheetahs won 27 – 21! Afterwards, we visited the Castle Corner, then the Players Den (where the players relax post match) and then the local night club Barbas and The Office ( just a drive by as it was getting late in the morning!)


… At 8am Sunday, after a gourmet Rory Breakfast, we left for Johannesburg via the N1, leaving the Free State behind and entering Gauteng Provnce, the land of the big smoke, at about 11am. We had the car washed in Cedar Road, Four Ways, and delivered it in Broadacres at the agreed time of 12h30 … okay 1 minute late because of a holdup at the security gate of the gated complex.


… Fifteen minutes later, we had delivered the new and collected the old car.

… At 1h15pm, we were at the Ocean Basket in Modderfontein had lunch (fish from the coast!) at the Ocean Basket with friend and erstwhile colleague Graeme Gathmann.


… We finished lunch at 3pm, completed the ring road around Johannesburg on the N3 and then headed back south on the N1 to the Free State, with thunder cracking and lightning flashing and rain pouring all around us.

… A pit stop at Kroonstad, and another in Bloemfontein (to pick up a friend returning to Port Elizabeth) took place before we reached Springfontein at 8pm, where we stayed overnight with friend Sandra Staples at the Kuilfontein B&B.


… After breakfast on Monday morning, we headed for PE at 9am, via Colesberg ( pitstop), Middleburg and Graaff-Reinet (pitstop), arriving home at 2pm.


… From the Friendly City to the City of Gold, we had completed 3 days, 2000 kms, 53 hours, driven two vehicles through four of the nation’s provinces (Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and Gauteng), gone through 6 toll gates (there and back), paid R200 in tolls, (and who knows how many e-toll collection gantries and e-toll fines!)

… ED is in tirED!


Ka Ka En Ka: Ha Ha: ERRATA

Tuesday 30 August 2011: 4 years 11 months on …

Q: When is a friendship in danger of being ruined?

A: When you don’t get the details correct!

So after publishing KKNK* yesterday, I received the following sms’s and emails today:

Jeep! Jeep!

Thee Gordon Wright would never be seen dead, or alive, in a Jeep! It’s a Land Rover, Landy if you like, man van, Mandy, etc. But most certainly not a Jeep. Sies!”

“The Horror!”

“Poor Man-dy needs counselling”

“Man-Dy is still not talking to you ...”

And as for the hunters, I was kindly informed (reprimanded?) by e-mail that I had omitted the following eminent two members of the party:

 “Don’t forget Angus & Will Pringle as well.

Gus is a director at Drake Flemmer and Orsmond (  

Will is a teacher at Stirling High. Both from East London”


Then the dinner menu:


 Beetroot, Garlic & onion soup

Tomato tarte tatin with gorgonzola cheese & fresh basil


Seared Kudu medallions

with stir-fried sweet potato, garlic ginger & coriander and julienne carrots cooked in orange juice with a red wine reduction

Deboned leg of Karoo lamb

with potato timbale, fresh garden vegetables and a Madiera sauce


Gratin of crème almond nougat & granadilla sauce.

Can’t remember what the other dessert was… (neither can I!)


 (No wonder it’s billed as a culinary oasis in the heart of the Karoo!)

As the scribe and editor of Ed Lunnon’s Blog, BrainStorms, I hereby take the full blame and responsibility for my incorrect reporting (although in terms of the Disabilities Act No 27 of 1965 I am classified as being mentally disabled), and wish to apologize to all the individuals concerned: Man-Dy, Angus and Will Pringle, and ASG House.

I wish to assure you that there was no malice intended, and sincerely hope that no parties were compromised or jeopardized in any manner whatsoever.

I also wish to assure you that no animals were harmed or injured in any way during the course of this production (except, of course, those buck killed during the hunt).

Should any party feel aggrieved by any of these actions, I suggest that they instruct their legal counsel to engage with Thee Gordon Wright in order that they may dine together in the normal fashion of legal counsel at Gordon’s Restaurant.