Knysna Oyster Festival 2014

7 years 10 months ill …

Mental: Advantage ED
Physical: Advantage CBD

* with cold and am cold and weather is cold!
* visits from Sr Gill and Isaac (hospice)
* missed the Grahamstown Festival this year
* cancelled hydrotherapy
* support group meeting for MG and MD
* haircut by Grant
* Sean new phone
* Plett on Fri for Knysna Festival
* Did not walk Knysna Half Marathon
* stayed at festival grounds on Sat
* Braaied with Graeme and Uwe
* Beachwalk at Robberg
* World Cup Final on Sun (backed Argentina but Germany won 1-0)
* Returned to PE on Mon via Storms River Bridge
* Massage with Julian

Obama’s Speech in Boston

Like him or not, President Obama remains a great orator! Listen here and read the speech he made in Boston yesterday:

Click on the link below

Enjoy a good speech and reflect on Life … Run the good race…

Blood, Sweat and Tears – Another Blow to our Freedom

Tuesday 16 April 2013: 6 years 7 months on …

Game ED!

Sunday was a happy day for so many Port Elizabethans – a happy family festive atmosphere.

In near-perfect sublime autumn weather conditions, hundreds of athletes competed in the 9th IronMan contest to be held in the City.

Thousands of spectators headed to the course route and the PE Indian Ocean beach front to witness the sweat and tears of those inspiring athletes.

And as the last of those athletes were crossing the fininshing line in Nelson Mandela Bay, fast forward 24 hours across the world to Massachusetts Bay and Boston on the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday was a happy public holiday, Patriots’ Day, for so many Bostonians – a happy family festive atmosphere.

In near-perfect sublime spring weather conditions, twenty five thousand athletes competed in the world’s oldest annual Boston Marathon.

Half a million spectators headed to the course route to witness the heroics of their friends and family and unknown inspiring athletes – their sweat and tears and this time, after those two cowardly and senseless bombs, also their blood!

Yes – a whole new meaning to and understanding of the saying “blood, sweat and tears”!


Despite its beauty and attraction, we live in a sick world.

There is so much hurt, heartache and unhappiness. What makes a human being kill his fellow human being, especially when his fellow is only eight years old?

There are so many of us who, despite our illnesses, cling onto life. What for? I sometimes ask myself.

I have just finished reading  The Last Right, the story of Craig Schonegevel’s struggle to live with dignity and his submission to die with dignity.

I can understand that.

The fight for liberty began in Boston – let’s hope that it does not end there. Let’s hope that we will not be beaten.

Let’s hope that Lady Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow runs smoothly with the necessary dignity afforded a human being who gave so much to her country and her world.

Let’s hope that Sunday’s London marathon with 36 000 participants and the Hamburg Marathon will go ahead without further blows and with much circumspection and thought given to those who have lost loved ones and have been injured in Boston.

Let’s continue to Live Life!