Another Busy Week


7 Years 9 months ill ..

Physical: Advantage ED / Mental: Advantage ED


I Remember …

… My visit on Tuesday afternoon with Sister Janice from Hospice. Sister Gill is overseas in UK after a boat trip from Cape Town to Southampton. She returns this week.


… After Ed is in wEd, I visited Bluewaters cafe, then Aurora for physical caring and hydrotherapy. Evening spent at Moth meeting off Kragga Kamma Rd.


… Thursday required some more  mental caring from Rev George Irvine and Isaac, and in the evening with Sean at Maritime Motors for the launch of the new Jeep Cherokee.


… Friday was the opening of the new sushi bar at Bluewaters cafe and we had supper sans cellphones! Just the four of us with no outside interference! Also had a tea visit with MND patients Keith Biljon and Dave.


… Saturday: missed the fun run at Walker Drive due to the cold at 6am! (5 degrees); rugby Grey vs Dale. Sean ended up reffing Seconds and First on the trot (the Union ref did not arrive for the First Team Game!) In the evening, I attended a fundraiser for Friends of MND at Old Grey.


… Sunday early braai at noon with friends that continued until 8pm … fun had by all!


… Monday: Aurora; Tuesday: interview for Hospice on PEFM 87.6; haircut; rugby at NMB Stadium – Wales vs Kings






Diary: Sat 2 – Tue 5 November 2013

(c) 2013 Edward C. Lunnon 



  • visit Dr Butters, Smartstone
  • braai with Grant and Tess Jennings/ Tim an  Angie Fraser
  • watched rugby Australia vs England
  • Outdoors Expo at Boardwalk
  • Phil’s university application
  • Breakfast at Dulces with Bathurst Organisers (Tanya and Iylsa)
  • Visit from Sr Gill
  • Clint and co re mannatech products
  • Mimi Rump re garden
  • Massage

ED is in week EnDing wED 17 April 2013

6 years 7 months

Game ED!

This has been a busy time, subsequent to our return from the Cederberg!

Mon 8: Death of Maggie Thatcher / Arrival of Queen Mary in PE / Stretching

Tue 9: Visits by Gill, Isaac / Listened to Schonegevel Interview on AlgoaFM / Interview on PEFm

Wed 10: AlgoaFM, Bluewaters cafe; Haircut; Car wash; Dr Barclay Ophthalmologist; Rugby Sean Old Grey

Thu 11: Visit Rob Taylor, Dianne Boyce (MND) / Physio

Fri 12: Tea with Annette / Lunch with Andrew, Rob and Rob @OG

Sat 13: Rugby (Phil) in Humansdorp Nico Malan

Sun 14: Iron Man

Mon 15: Admin

Tue 16: To Addo with Tayler-Smith