Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

Eight years on with CBD …
Physical: advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed

After our radio talk on Wednesday, I was invited by Tavcor to attend their Ice bucket Challenge with fundraising for PE’s St Francis Hospice.

While I was there my left leg went haywire – spasms then limp. It remained useless for the rest of the day and I was confined to my bed. The problem spread to my left arm too.

Was this the beginning of the next phase? Whichever, Wednesday was the most difficult day in my 8 year journey, and the week the most difficult one!

On Thursday morning there was a great improvement, but I have had to take the rest of the week just a little bit easier – more time on my bed! I don’t like doing this, but thank goodness for my iPad. It keeps me busy and I’m putting the final touches to our reunion in Somerset West.

On Thursday evening I managed to slip in a show , Johnny Cash, at the Old Cash Bar, and caught up with Elvis impersonator and friend Lionel Hunt from Port Alfred.

Friday was hectic. Breakfast with Brent, lunch with Lionel, milk tart with Mandy and supper with self! In between I had a meeting at Aurora with the OT but cancelled a drink at the Southender with Trichardt van Tonder. I was just too tired.

Today was TV day … Rugby, rugby, rugby and the Boks lost to Australia. Tomorrow the economy takes a dip and the rand dollar rate will slide!

Now for a new week. Let’s see what it brings …

Wildeklawer Festival: Kimberley, Northern Cape


Left at Six by the Clock Tower


Destination Kimberley


The trains still run


Better stop!


Hosts at LeeuKloof: the Du Toits






Heaven’s Door


Room for 2


Or 1




Braai time








More drinks


40 years after Helshoogte


Inside …


and outside …


Rugby …


and rugby …


..and more rugby below the monument


Cattle auction


The Big Hole




More village …


The Village


The viewpoint



The Gat




The Big Hole


The Loot


and more …


and more ….


the why!


The entrance




more sundowners….


The Half …


Another half …


The End .. Sunset over Hanover

Flying High on Jungle Juice

©2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Monday 12 August 2013: 6 years 11 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

Since returning from Bloemfontein at the end of July, it’s been another hectic few weeks!

Firstly, I Discovered on my way to Bloem when I filled up the car that there was no money in my bank account!

I then Discovered that my disability benefit had not been paid into my account by my insurers! So, between my broker and me, it took many calls, emails etc. to get that sorted out. Stress and tension don’t do me any good, and not being paid one’s “salary” leads to all kinds of problems at the bank when your debit orders have to be paid! Thank goodness, I Discovered that just in time, and with some fast remedial work, I was able to minimize the damage. I’m still waiting to hear why it happened – it’s not the first time!

In between that I met with my bank broker, Kyle Jacobs, at the newly revamped South Ender pub in Walmer; Michael Halbert who helps me with my personal finances, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University meeting to discuss Phillip’s academic future, Nadine van Westenbrugge to help with admin and the Ratepayers meeting to discuss how best to combat non-service delivery in the Metro. I have been diligently distributing protest letters in the neighbourhood!

I had drinks at the Pitch & Putter with Len van Kempen, lunch with Ben Roth and his father at Finezz, brunch with Annette Jones and Liz Findlay at La Boca and Kevin Paul’s farewell party at Finezz before he headed off to the International Swimming Championships in Canada, where he will be swimming this week.

At Bluewaters Café, there have been visits from radio listeners, the Coggers and the Serfonteins.

I have had my home visits from Gill, the Hospice nurse, and Isaac, my weekly chat buddy!

And then there’s a video which Adrian is filming about my life and which will be shown at Mpekweni Sun in September.  I am writing the script which also takes a lot of time!  

Meetings and calls were made to the Groenewalds in Humansdorp to arrange for Martin (injured in Bloemfontein) and his Dad Adriaan to appear on our radio show last week.

Julian Fletcher has been at the house on Fridays to massage my tired muscles and I have been to see Stuart Dicke twice on Mondays for some physiotherapy and Johnny Raath for some gym work. My weekly haircuts and beard trims are done by Grant at Front Cover in Newton Park (phone 041 363 2529).

Tuesday was the monthly Motor Neurone disease meeting at the Old Grey Club with Stuart Dicke as the guest speaker.

Then there have been a few blogs to write, and updating my blog and web sites with pictures and text!

On Thursday evening I attended Mandy Gurr’s benefit show, Gino Fabbri’s Just Laughter, at the Old Grey Club, with additional background singing by Mandy herself on a CD that I burned off the internet!

And then rugby, rugby, rugby … Phillip’s last school games against Framesby last week and Selborne College this last Friday (Women’s Day). The Boarding House Fundraiser Farmers’ Day was arranged at the same time to maximise profits.


Phill’s team lost to Framesby last Saturday but beat Selborne this week. The First Team won both encounters – with Framesby being an exciting last ten minute charge to win the game and Selborne being a white wash victory for Grey! The Firsts are “flying high” at the moment having come to the end of the rugby season with an unbeaten record against Eastern Cape schools.

I was flying high on Friday, too; after having had a number of the “Jungle Juices” (orange juice and cane spirits) sold at the Farmers’ Market. I’m not too sure what the interactive effects are of my medication and the cane, but for a while there my body appeared to be working normally!

 It was really pleasant visiting under the wonderful red Bedouin tent which had been erected in the matric quad to keep us dry from the steady rain which fell on Thursday and Friday. After going home with Sean and Phillip in the late afternoon, I slept right through until Saturday morning!

Congratulations must be extended to Niekerk and Ingrid Ferreira, all the boarder parents and the boarders for having arranged such a vibey and, I hope, a profitable Market Day!

On Sunday, we had a quiet restful family lunch at the Chartroom of the Yacht Club in the Port Elizabeth harbour.


Today is a blog write day, a visit from Iain Fyfe, ex-Grey teacher (Sean’s u15A rugby coach) visiting from Hong Kong where he has taught English for the last six years – he left just after I became ill and was happy to see me still in such “good” health, a visit to the physio and the gym and something more mundane like getting the roof repairers in to check on the leaks in the stoep roof!

This has been just another “quiet” week in my life – the week that was!

I need more Jungle Juice (and Carbolev and Lyrica) to keep me going!





Martin Groenewald Fund

​​​​​​​​12 Dahlia Street
​​​​​​​​PO Box 182
​​​​​​​​10 August 2013

Friends of Martin,

We look back on two weeks of shock and high drama, but all in all, we stand in amazement about the goodness and favour that we experienced during this time. Our hearts are filled with a deep sense of thankfulness which words cannot describe- thankfulness for the miracles of our Heavenly Father which we could experience and the wonderful support of friends. We cannot even start to mention names, but would want to, through this medium, say: Thank you so much.

We have been approached by people who want to contribute financially towards Martin’s future medical and rehabilitation costs. We do not have a medical fund. We are advised that, depending on Martin’s recovery process, it could amount to a substantial amount, which could include further orthopaedic visits, x-rays, physio- and biokineticist treatment, etc. After consideration it was decided to start a fund to provide in this regard, the idea being that, should there be surplus funds after Martin’s treatment, which we trust will be the case, such fund will continue to render assistance in similar instances. The fund is subject to independent audit, and any donor is entitled to inspection thereof.

The particulars are as follows:
Martin Groenewald Players Fund
Standard Bank, Humansdorp
Savings Account number 1865 189 19
Branch code 050015
Any enquiries, please feel free to contact Adriaan at 082 579 0505 or 042 291 1634 (w).


The Shades of Grey

©2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Thursday 1 August 2013: 6 years 11 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

It was about half past two last Friday afternoon. The odometer on my car read 88 888 km and we were just passing over the longest and largest South African river, the Orange River,  from the Northern Cape Province into the Province of the Free State.

Three provinces in a day!

In the past we have done this trip by train (see my previous blogs) but now the South African railways have become non (dys?)-functional and they are unable to supply rolling stock. It’s such a sorry sight to see so many worn-out carriages parked along the way of hundreds of kilometres of unused and deserted and disintegrating railway tracks!  (Phill reckons his life mission is to get the trains back on track.  Steve Jobs said “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do! So go, Phill!

So, we (Pera, Phill, Brad McKenzie and I) had departed by car from Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province, at nine, and left behind us Uitenhage, Jansenville, Graaff-Reinet (where we had lunch at the Polka Restaurant), Middleburg, Noupoort and Coleburg.

Still to come along the N1 – our country’s major arterial route – was Springfontein, Trompsburg, Edenburg and then our destination:  Bloemfontein, the Judicial Capital City of South Africa and home of our country’s Supreme Court of Appeal. It is the third capital city of South Africa, the product of compromise when SA was formed in 1910, with the other Capital cities, of course, being Cape Town, the Legislative Capital  with its Houses of Parliament and the Administrative Capital, Pretoria (or Tshwane, as it is being called by some nowadays) with its imposing Union Buildings.

Bloemfontein is also known as the Rose City. But we weren’t here to pick flowers and flowers we certainly didn’t collect!

The purpose of our trip was rugby: Grey High from PE versus Grey College from Bloem and Phillip’s last school away game for Tommo’s mighty Thirds. It would also be the end our school boy sporting trips – first Sean’s rugby and cricket career and then Phillip’s rugby, cricket and waterpolo career now also drawing to a close.

So this was a rather nostalgic trip for all of us. One which I had not really looked forward to, as I had been very busy, tired and experiencing a bit of pain in my left buttock and left leg. A long eight hour trip was not what the doctor ordered for me. But Phill on his learner’s licence had driven us most of the way. I took over for the last stretch into Bloem!

We arrived at our guest house, Blessings, in the suburb of Dan Pienaar (recommended by the Engelbrechts of Paarl), at about 17h00. We had got lost a few times – Bloemfontein also being a city of the modern day New South African compromise as well: renamed Nelson Mandela Drive lies next to Kenneth Kaunda Avenue lies next to Walter Sisulu Avenue lies next to Gen Dan Pienaar, Gen Hertzog, Kmdt Senekal, Unie Avenue, President Kruger – and the GPS doesn’t always know the changes!

Anyway, we were there safely! Supper was to be at the Villa Bella Casa. We would join our Pretoria friends Thomas and Marzette Moolman who were sleeping over in Bloem on their way home from a holiday in the Eastern Cape. They had visited us earlier in the week from Port Alfred and Marzette had left her diary next to the bed when they had left last Thursday. So we arranged to meet in Bloem to return the diary!

Well, a good supper later and some great company and red wine, and the diary has come back with us to Port Elizabeth!

Because the First Team game was being televised, Phill’s Third Team game was brought forward to seven o’clock on Saturday morning! So it was a very early start for us – and a very cold start! The temperature was about 4 degrees C and my picture of a scrum has the moon in the background and the frost at our feet! Every picture tells a story …

Phill’s  3rd team loss with a deficit of about 50 points was about the average tale of the day with scores coming in from about 120 high to only one Grey Port Elizabeth team (the u14B!) clocking up a narrow win!  He also played in the second half of the 2nd team as the injury count went higher and higher. The hardness of the ground and the hardness of the opposition do not seem to go well with our Port Elizabeth sons! Yet, we return second year after second year (of course, they visit us at the coast every other year) to be taught a severe lesson in rugby playing!


In the First Team game we also witnessed that horrific accident to Martin Groenewald when he broke both the tibia and fibula in his leg. It sounded like a gunshot going off and put a damper on the rest of the play. Unfortunately, once again (and never ever) were we able to beat Grey Bloem 1st team in Bloemfontein.

Our thoughts, prayers and good wishes accompany Martin (who lives with Phillip in the Grey hostel) on his long road to full recovery. The operation which he underwent on Saturday evening was successful and as I write this, he has now arrived back at his home in Humansdorp. It takes the worst in Life to bring out the best in mankind, and once again, we have witnessed the outpouring of the kindness of friends and strangers who have offered their assistance to the family in so many different ways.


We spent the rest of the afternoon socialising at the Bloemfontein Old Grey Clubhouse, had a quick zizz at Blessings, and then went for supper at the Block and Cellar. It looked like Port Elizabeth was empty because there were so many Algoa Bay locals having supper there on Saturday evening.  It’s always fun socialising with other parents in this way and maybe one of the reasons why we do these trips so willingly and eagerly. They surely will be missed by us and will become part of the memory box of our strange journey through this trip that we call Life!

Our return journey started at nine on Sunday – retracing our steps back the way we had come; except this time we stopped for lunch and petrol at the Steers in Colesburg (full tank used up – literally and figuratively – to Bloemfontein, and three quarters of a tank used down to Pe!). We arrived back in Port Elizabeth at about five, safe and sound, worn-out and weary, and nostalgic about never having to do this school trip again.

The shadows of Life get longer, and the Shades of Grey get darker. 


Disaster Relief Plan Port Elizabeth

In the light of recent events worldwide and with 40 000 people descending on Port Elizabeth this weekend, it would be interesting to know what security arrangements are made:

Amongst many others questions, the following:

Who is in charge of security?
What are emergency procedures at the NMB stadium?
What emergency phone numbers are used?
Where is the command centre?
How many policemen will be on duty?
How many traffic cops will be on duty?
Has all leave been cancelled for these people?
Is the PE hospital complex on high alert?
How many ambulances are available?
Is all medical personnel on duty and leave cancelled?
What is the role of the PE municipality in arrangements?
Are any municipal employees currently on strike?
Where will the mayor be contactable?
What are the communication lines?

Please add any more …


om: John Best []
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 8:05 AM
To: Human Settlements Cllr – Roberts
Cc: Shane Brown;
Subject: Disaster Relief Plan Port Elizabeth

Good Day Councillor,

All major Sports events are policed by the SAPS in terms of the new Events Act.
A Venue Operational Centre (VOC) has been established AND a VOC Commander (SAPS)has been appointed who is incharge.
All emergency services are represented in the VOC.
Any further enquiries can be directed to Brig J Le Bok the Station Commander of Mount Road.
Thank You

John Best Brig (ret)
Metro Police Project Team
082389 0432
Tel: 041 501 7942
b>>> On 4/18/2013 at 10:52 PM, in message , EDTA Cllr – Roberts wrote:
Hi John,Damn good question!Can you enlighten the lady?Regards,Chris.