Two Dozen Birthdays

8 Years 8 Months Ill | Physical Advantage CBD / Mental Deuce

Friday 20 May is Sean’s birthday  – his 24th this year. It seems like the other day that we were celebrating his 21st at the North End Power Boat Club!

So, as always in our family, we celebrate special occasions by going out for supper. Sean’s choice was Rocamama’s! It reminded me of Fudruckers in Atlanta which we visited way back in October 2001 – just after September 11 when Sean was 9 and Phillip was 6! Man have they grown taller since then!

And those self-styled Rocamama hamburgers were also tall ones, together with medium chips (French fries), cheese cake and peanut butter milkshakes.  It was a meal with a difference.

Elsewhere on the Internet and on Facebook, you will be able to see the pictures and messages of Sean’s birthday. Funny to think that fifteen years ago there was no Facebook! Now, nothing much goes by unnoticed …

My new tablets are starting to take effect. The first week will be completed tomorrow and I’m starting to feel like Halley’s Comet spinning around the sun. Let’s hope the spasms will stop and the shakes will disappear.

Today, we went to buy a new bed. I’m spending more time lying down and our old one is getting tirED (much like me!). It’s difficult to believe that one bed of today could have bought me two motor cars of yesterday!

And talking about yesterday – this coming week sees us celebrating the retirement of Pam and Neil Thomson after some 30 and 40 years  respectively of teaching at The Grey. I’ll write more about that next week.

Until then, keep the new drugs coming!



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Thursday 11 July 2013: 6 years 10 months on …

Physical: Deuce / Mental: Advantage ED

I haven’t written for a while – partly because I have been busy and partly because I just haven’t felt like writing.

My body is slowing down, my arms are getting heavier and my left leg is dragging along. My mind is becoming confused and cloudy.

I have some really good lucid moments and then suddenly everything goes haywire – almost like crossed wires or load-shedding (which is becoming a familiar electrical thing in our country!).

Mentally, I have to stay on top. That becomes more difficult.

Today (so far and right now!) is a good day. But, it could change in a moment!

So here goes …

Things have been somewhat hectic over the last few weeks.

The Grey Junior staff had its end-of-term party here at home.

Sean celebrated his 21st birthday on 20 May but his party is still to come, so that his university friends from around the country may attend.

Granny Shirl turned 80 and we had family and friends around for her cocktail party.

Charles IV turned 2 on the same day. We did not invite his neighbourhood doggie friends for a get-together!


Phillip turned 18 and the Scholtz’s and the Lunnons braaied together to celebrate that. Later, Phill had some mates around for a “Build-a-burger” evening. A now legal visit to the Boardwalk casino was also on the cards! It’s difficult to believe that he has grown from a 1,2 kg 2 month premature baby into the 6 foot and a few inches that he is today.

It’s a pity that he cannot get an appointment to be tested for his driver’s licence, all because the municipality and its traffic department is on strike – like so many other people in the country.

We are blessed to have such wonderful sons. They manage well in an environment that is not always well!

In between the birthdays, we have been attending the festivals – the Citrus Fest in Patensie, the Wildsfees in Kirkwood, the wine festival in Port Elizabeth, the National Arts festival in Grahamstown and this coming weekend we will be “hanging out” at the Biltong Festival in Somerset East.

We have experienced music from Lance James and Barbara Ray, through Kurt Darren (hope he recovers from his car accident) to Johnny Clegg. There has been the music of the KZN Symphony Orchestra and the shows of Grahamstown like What what!, Race Card, Pants on Fire and etc!

The ability of the human being astonishes me!

It’s also always great to see old friends at these get-togethers and we are grateful to Pietie and Coba Ferreira, Camilla Bowes and Grant and Sarine Abrahamson at East Cape Safari’s for accommodating us.

In the process we are also able to travel and enjoy this wonderful country that we so privileged to live in. I just hope the politicians don’t mess this up as well.

And talking about politics – all this time we have been acutely aware about the health situation of Nelson Mandela who has now been in hospital for almost a month. His 95th birthday is due to be celebrated on 18 July and one wonders how much more time he will be spared to be with us.

Besides the Mandelagate scandals during this time, we have also seen the Guptagate Waterkloof issues, the communication scandals, more financial scandals and the (usual) bribery and corruption! Egypt is on a knife’s edge (again!) and Syria fights on to see another day. Canada, for a change, features in the news with its train explosion, and Obama traces his roots and visits Africa and South Africa.

Now Zuma wants an Airforce One too (and a Waterkloof Base at Nkandla – his multimillion rand home compound)!

Then there’s been “motor neurone disease” month with its breakfast and movie premiere of “I am Breathing”. I saw the movie – the story of MND patient Neil Platt – three times and it did not do me any good to view what probably still lies ahead of us. It really disturbed me – I try not to think too much about those future implications of my illness. One needs to prepare for but not to dwell in that reality!

Well, I’ve written much more than I had anticipated … now I’m slowing down and going for lunch with Ben Roth. I am so grateful to all those people who still make me a part of their lives. It’s a well-known fact that as one progresses through the stages of a life-limiting illness, one’s friends tend to dump you along the way. It’s another issue with which one has to deal.

Chat later …

Happy Birthdays, High Days and Holidays