Keep Moving!

Tuesday 28 June 2011: 4 years 9 months on …

Corticalbasal Degeneration is a disease that eventually prevents one from moving. Full stop!

Right now, almost 5 years into this trip, movement becomes increasingly difficult for me.

I need to thank those people who assist me every day to keep going – literally! :

(in no particular order)

Jonathan Raath at Greenacres VA – biokineticist (for putting up with all my swearing)

Soena O’Kennedy – masseur (for making my hands and feet feel “lekker”)

Julian Fletcher – sports therapist (for finding all those deep down aches and pains)

Dr Rod Butters – GP ( for just being there, and the home visits!)

St Francis Hospice, and especially Sr Gill le Roux, Sr Janice Malkinson and Jenny Nickall (for the weekly visits and your untiring support and concern)

Janine (from Andre’s Hair Design, Newton Park) – Hair and Shaving (for making me feel and “look so” good)

Good Fellas (Jonathan Bishop and Byron Breetzke) – for moving me around town (even if I haven’t been drinking!)

Nadine van Westenbrugge – for helping with the admin

Spec-savers (Bryan Dowley and Tim Seaman) – for helping me to see where I go!

I remain deeply indebted to all of you.

Thank you!