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Thursday 18 October 2012: 6 years 1 month on … Physical Advantage CBD/Mental Deuce

I receive weekly visits from the Port Elizabeth St Francis Hospice team of Sr Gill le Roux, Sr Janice Malkinson, Jenny Nickall and Isaac Rubin.

Jokingly, I refer that they come to check that I have not yet decided to make the jump off the Van Stadens Bridge outside Port Elizabeth, which has become notorious for being the place where locals, with no hope, commit suicide. The Bridge of Despair lately claimed its eightieth-odd victim!

However, I am indebted to them for their service to me. They have become my light in an ever-increasing darkening world and my company in a lonely world. They are my assistance, my life-line, my helping hand, my listening ear, my crutch to lean on and my shoulder to cry on – truly, there is “no end to their caring”!

My family and I are relieved to have such professional support. Somehow, saying THANK YOU does not nearly seem enough!

So that is why I am appealing to you to help me to help them to help US.

Other people, too, that you know, perhaps a friend, associate or family member, will need their support in the future.

We owe it to the community of our Metro to maintain our vital services and ask that YOU be part of the plan to ensure that Hospice will be available to them. It currently costs +- R500 ($70) per patient per month, on average, to provide their holistic service.

Hospice cannot depend upon large funders and donors alone. Every cent donated by individuals starts as a drop, then becomes a trickle, a flow and eventually a stream!

  1. Should you wish to make an immediate cash contribution, the banking details are reflected below.
  2. Please also consider a regular monthly EFT transfer into that bank account.
  3. You may also consider the lasting gift of a bequest to Hospice in your will. Contact your attorney or advisor to set this in motion.
  4. You may also wish to supply us with postal addresses, e-mail contacts and cell (mobile) numbers of your circle of family, friends and associates to enable Hospice to build a database which will, in time, through fundraising campaigns and from which members may also benefit, secure the financial future of Hospice, a service of care and compassion which is benefiting me and so many others now.

Thank you for supporting your fellow man.

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’. (Helen Keller)


Trevor Wiblin                                                                     Sr Nonnie Mdaka

Executive Director                                                        Nursing Services Director


ED Lunnon



Banking Details:

St Francis Hospice

Standard Bank, Rink Street (05-04-17)

Cheque account #080 260 349


Donations of R100 or more qualify the donor for a tax deduction in terms of Section 18(a) of the SA Income Tax Act.



Return this to St Francis Hospice by providing the following details of family, friends and associates through the comment section on this website or blogsite, e-mail, fax or phone:


Postal Address

Cell (mobile) Number

e-mail address


St Francis Hospice

Phone:  (041) 360 7070

Fax:  (041) 360 1279