And the Oscar goes to … Mankind

“And because he cannot be with us tonight, we all accept the Award on his behalf.”
I am only a human.
A human being – just a human being;
Nothing more than just a mere mortal.
I am just human.
I have flaws and warts – some are visible to all and some are visible only to me.
I am not the perfect person I may sometimes appear to be.
Over and above my frail humanness, I have a physical body that is diseased by CBD and does not work properly.
Life is not an easy road to navigate.
Because of my imperfections, and like many other human beings, I look for role models.
I look for someone to guide me through this life – to show me the way.
It’s not an easy road to traverse by yourself.
I look to my parents, my teachers, my political leaders, my religious leaders, my business leaders, my entertainment stars, my sporting heroes …
But, too often, the more important people are in this life, the less of a role model they are.
The majority of the political leaders in my country leave me cold. The “stars” often flicker in life’s darkness. My religious leaders are silent. The business leaders are often unethical, my teachers fallible and my parents, or their leadership, missing.
So I turn to my sporting heroes. The world revolves around sport and I can revolve around its heroes.
Many of us turn to them and (often erroneously) idolize them:
They are achievers, well-marketed, in your face, on TV and sometimes in real life, wealthy, “pull” the models, drive flashy cars, have large homes, travel the world and seemingly live Life, with a capital letter L! They have it all.
And when they have faced the difficulties of life themselves, overcome adversity and gone from rags to riches to command the world’s stages and airwaves, then even more so, they become your role model, your guide, your leader, your wannabe, your hero!
They dreamed the impossible dream and made it possible.
If they could do it, then so can you! You aspire to what they have achieved. It is no longer impossible!
And so we put them on pedestals and make them our gods. And they bask in our adoration and adulation. They live the high life and reap its profits – channelled from us to them via various sponsorships, deals, endorsements and other revenues.
Yes, we feed them, we fund them and we fuel them!
We keep them there!  And they feed us …
They tell us and give us what we want and are looking for – often out of their true character. They start living a dual life – possibly so as not to disappoint us and possibly because they enjoy basking in the glory of their new-found fiefdoms that we helped to create.
All the time we forget that they are only like ourselves – just human!
And, one day, when we “discover” that:  they, too, are only just human and flawed like ourselves, we are devastated and disappointed and dismayed and, above all, we are lost and we are hurt.
Often, we are so disappointed when our heroes fall from grace, that we feel betrayed by them. We are the first to judge them –  harshly. And so we throw the stones. We choose to forget that they, too, are only just human.
In no manner of means do I condone their actions. Just as I don’t condone many other of our “re-actions”.
We conjure up and tell the jokes about them. We help to break them down and watch how they crumble, piece by agonizing piece.
After having fed them, funded them and fueled them, we fire them!
From hero to zero, the cliche says, and we are so good at assisting in order to make that statement true.
So, now I am sad. I am very sad.
I am sad that another of our heroes has fallen.
I am sad that such a dastardly deed has been committed.
I am sad that one family is in mourning and another in distress.
I am sad about all the heartache, the tears, the unhappiness, the emotion.
I am sad that we are such fragile and fair-weather supporters and followers.
I am sad that Life is such a difficult road.
So, now I ask you, …
Only too aware that I am not in, and nowhere close to, the league of previously fallen heroes,
But knowing full well (from the correspondence and feedback that I receive from around the world) about the flawed pedestal that some would place me on:
Please, don’t make me your role model; because I can’t and don’t and never will live up to your expectations. I am scared to let you down and to disappoint you.
Please, from that which I give to and share with you on radio and in print, take the best and ignore the rest.
Please know that despite the TV networks ad nauseum telling us “that you can only imagine what he feels like”, we will never know what he felt or feels like ( just as no-one will ever know or understand what I am going through and experience daily with CBD, and what I feel).
Please, remember, …
I am only a human.
A human being – just a human being;
Nothing more than just a mere mortal.
I am just human.
Remember UBUNTU and our humanness – “I am what I am because of who we all are”.
(c) Edward C Lunnon 2013
Sunday 17 February 2013: 6 years 5 months on …
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The World Wide Web

(c) 2013 Edward C. Lunnon

Tuesday 22 January 2013: 6 years 4 months on …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage ED

LeRoi S studied with me at Stellenbosch and served on just about every committee with me as well – from Intervarsity to Rag!

Intervarsity Maties vs Ikeys 1979

Intervarsity Maties vs Ikeys 1979

We became good friends – worked, played and holidayed together. But we haven’t seen each other for 35 years. In fact, we lost all contact with each other.

Then last week, Le Roi “befriended” me on Facebook. Once that happened, I noted that Deon A was a friend of his – another of my friends with whom I had lost contact.

So I “befriended” Deon. And posted a picture or two of us enjoying ourselves at Intervarsity Maties/Ikies 1979.

Intervarsity Maties vs Ikeys 1979

Intervarsity Maties vs Ikeys 1979

Sitting next to Deon was Wilna A – then friends and now husband and wife.

Deon shared the pics with his FB friends and that resulted in a world wide conversation and one Denzil Weitz picking up on my surname.

He had been at school with my sister in Somerset West and sent me a message from Beaverton, Oregon where he now lives.

“Ed was your sister Headgirl of HHH?” he asked! Well, yes she was and that started a whole new conversation about lost mates and teachers.

Whilst all this was happening, I had seen a message from one Venessa Durand from the USA regarding a trip to South Africa to visit her ailing mother who has CBD!

Of course, my ears pricked up because suddenly here was a CBD link in SA (where supposedly I am the only CBD patient!)

I e-mailed Venessa in Statesville North Carolina where she lives and asked her where her mother lived in SA.

She then listened to copies of our AlgoaFM pods and visited my website and became party to all of the above conversations. She also discovered that I had lived in Helshoogte Residence. Her husband had been there between 1984 and 1987!

She returned the following email to me:

Hello Ed,
Ek vat nou sommer ‘n vet kans hier om afrikaans te skryf!  Willem en ek het na een van jou programme geluister en jy klink net soos ons vir die Amerikaners hier klink.  Helshoogte en Maties se sommer nog meer en dink ek dat jy beslis kan Afrikaans lees.  Willem was ook in Helshoogte, van 1984- 1987.  Ek was in Huis Nerina.  So ons het jou net gemis – met ‘n paar jaar.
Ons woon in Statesville North Carolina – 13 jaar al.  Baie gelukkig hier – maar mis die familie.  Ons praat nog afrikaans in die huis en eet boerekos en dink nie dat ons enigsins verander het nie.  Willem het net oor Kersfees vir ons die lekkerste boerbeskuit gebak.  Ek dink hy sou daai boer-tannies met die vris bo arms, goeie kompetisie gegee het.
Dit is vir my so bemoedigend om te sien dat jy so positief is en die lewe met soveel moed aanvat.  Mens kan kies om bitter te wees, of mens kan aanvaar wat mens ontvang en ander mense se lewens aanraak en ‘n verksil maak in hierdie lewe.  Ons het baie dierbare vriende hier gemaak met ‘n bejaarde egpaar.  Hulle was na hulle aftrede sendelinge in Malawie en Thailand vir 10 jaar.  Toe ons hulle ontmoet het, het hulle net terug gekom en kom aftree in Statesville.  Oom Ted het nog self hulle tuinwerk gedoen, Sondagskool geggee en klein kinders rondgery.  Hy het toe net skielik begin sukkel met balans en ons het hom sien ‘n kierie gebruik, ‘n paar maande later ‘n “walker” en toe ‘n rolstoel en het hy verlede jaar sy stryd verloor.  Hy was ook gediagnoseer met CDB. Die ding wat vir my so uitgestaan het, is dat hulle albei altyd so positief was en toe ek met Dot praat na sy dood  se sy:  “I have no regrets.’  M.a.w, hulle het ‘n vol lewe geniet, die beste gemaak van elke dag en net aanvaar hoe dinge vir hulle uitgewerk het.  Sy het op die ouderdom van 78 weer Thailand toe gegaan en vir ‘n jaar by ‘n sending ingeskakel waar sy Engels aangebied het.
Dankie dat jy so ‘n oulike Blog aan die gang het.  Ek weet sommer dat mense wat jou blog volg, bemoedig word en hoop ontvang.

Her mother lives in a retirement home, Herfsakker, in Nelspruit, SA where Venessa will be visiting shortly.

We hope to catch up then.

It truly is a world wide web ….