The Golden Ticket to Sun City

Some thoughts to ponder on Youth Day:

Over the last few weeks, there has been much discussion about the use of steroids at school, club, provincial, national, international and professional levels – in fact, in all walks of society.

There are calls for investigation and intervention to take place from school level to government level, and the buck appears to be passed around ad infinitum.

In truth, and in SA IDOLS terms, the use of steroids is but the golden ticket to “Sun City”.

No investigation into the use of steroids will be complete or successful unless complete and thorough research is done into the multi-million industry that makes up the spoils of Sun City!

 Anecdotal evidence is rife about, inter alia, the following benefits at school level:

Sun City for “promising” school boys (and their parents in some instances): Cash approaches to junior school boys at u13 level and large retention “salaries” paid to high school players by professional franchises, bursaries and scholarships, national and international tours (often free for some), many additional days off school and out of the classroom, VIP status, free kit and equipment, accommodation in hotels, meals in restaurants, access to alcohol and clubs

Sun City for administrators, teachers and coaches: Free national and international tours, unlimited free entertainment benefits, lucrative subsistence allowances, free tickets to sporting events and other incentives, free accommodation in hotels and B&B’s, time out of the classroom

Sun City for schools: Marketing opportunities and attraction of scholars and income, access to millions in the forms of large company sponsorships and donations (given and received with tax benefits), prestige status

How much more enticing is Sun City at higher levels?

The question is: Who is really going to through away their golden ticket to Sun City, their key to the door of the treasure chest?

Will anyone really open the proverbial Pandora’s Box?

It’s like expecting Blatter to blabber!

On this Youth Day, what are we creating for our youngsters?  Remember, in the Golden Circle of Life, all that glitters is NOT gold!


One can bet your car that more than a few of the bodybuilders who now play top-shelf rugby began feeding their muscles all kinds of concoctions when they were at school.

Sure, spending half your youth in a gymnasium and the other half training outdoors helps build an impressive physique. And taking supplements is recommended by trainers and health experts.

That is why mommies and daddies who share their children’s ambitions whip out the credit card whenever the kids need a booster.

But you can bet your other car that many youngsters, including girls, are trying out all kinds of muti that could help them smash down doors that lead to desirable careers. 

First-class rugby has become a particularly desirable career. It attracts men who dislike the idea of a lucrative career in politics or studying for four or five years. So some boys, and their trainers and parents, take chances.

And you don’t have to tell them of all the possible consequences, such as heart problems and infertility. They know all about it.

But it may be an idea to invite them to come and take a good look at these pumped-up rugby players, and to try to imagine what they are going to look like five or ten years after they stop training; when their muscles and egos start deflating.