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Monday 14 January 2013: 6 years 4 months on …

Physical: Deuce / Mental: Advantage ED

Life’s Not  just A Walk in the Park!

Last year on 14 January 2012, Loynes Jenkerson and his Walmer Athletics Club staged the first ED Lunnon Walk/Run in the Parks. The purpose of the occasion was to raise awareness about my illness, corticalbasal degeneration, other neurological illnesses and disabled people and to raise funds for The Lunnon Family Trust – a trust fund that I have established to ensure our future family educational and medical needs are covered.

My wish is that this event will continue – even after my death – to continue the good work that it has begun. I rely on my family, my wife and sons, together with Loynes and his Walmer Athletics Club to ensure that this event remains as a legacy.

And so it was that this year’s event, the PG Glass ED Lunnon Walk/Run in the Park was scheduled for Saturday 12 January 2013.

WalkinthePark2013 002

We had spent a week in St Francis Bay and were scheduled to return on Friday morning.

On Tuesday morning, I received a note on Facebook about LyallBeadon who had become paralysed after diving into the surf on New Years Day in Port Alfred. I do not know Lyall but knew his Dad from my teaching days at Grey when LaurieBeadon taught at Queen’s College.

I have often spoken about the “double whammie” that illness and accident brings: there is not only the need to deal with the concerns of the illness but there is also the need to deal with the financial concerns that accompany the illness.

And so, after reading about the enormous hospital costs that were involved to get Lyall to East London and then to Port Elizabeth to the AuroraHospital, and for all his future treatment, I realised that the Beadon family had a far greater need than the Lunnon family at this stage.

I decided then and there that this year the profits of the “Parks” event would be donated to the Beadon Medical Fund.

Through Facebook I was able to contact the family. I got permission to talk about the events on our AlgoaFm programme on Wednesday and to make the necessary arrangements for the donation.

I had hoped to meet Lyall on Friday afternoon after our return to Port Elizabeth. Unfortunately, he was not feeling well and I had planned to do so this morning.

However, early this morning I received the tragic news that Lyall had passed away. I am so saddened by this turn of events. Truly, Life is never a Walk in the Park!

My deepest sympathy is extended to the Beadon family.

In the meantime, Laurie and Stacey, his sister, were at the Run on Saturday morning.  I hope all the pictures they took will remain as a reminder of the wonderful occasion.

It was an exciting and electric atmosphere and not even the rain that descended on the prize-giving could dampen the spirits.

My heartfelt thanks go to:

  • Lloynes Jenkerson, Colleen Muller and the Walmer Athletics Club
  • Zolani Runeli and Yvonne Anderson for arranging the disabled section
  • Grey Junior and High School and their staff who assisted and participated
  • PG Glass and the Falco Family
  • Doug Pudney and Gavin Fisher of Frontier Events
  • Alec Riddle and Lance du Plessis
  • Stuart Reece
  • All the sponsors of the prizes
  • The marshals, helpers and traffic officials
  • All the participants
  • The Press and AlgoaFM
  • Anyone else who helped in so many ways

It was truly an occasion where we were


RIP Lyall Beadon

Run / Walk in the Parks: Sat Jan 12 ’13

Click here:      GREY JUNIOR ENTRY FORM 2013

Thanks for joining us on Saturday 12 January 2013

  • 6 or 12 km Walk or Run : 7am (R20 per person)
  • 1km Event for Physically Disabled People : 8am (free entry – contact Zolani on 073 008 8661)
  • Enter in Port Elizabeth : Brian Bands Sports, The Footballer, Action Sports until Thursday 10th Jan 17h00
  • Or at Grey Junior on Friday 11 Jan between 17hoo and 19hoo or before the race from 06h00
  • Medals to all finishers / Lucky Draw Prizes / Refreshments / Stuart Reece Entertainment

Parking on Grey High School Gordon Field off McClean Road.


See you there!


(Organised by Jenkerson Promotions: Enquiries 041 – 8239233)

A RUN in the Park for some is just a WALK in the Park for others!

  • Saturday 14 January 2012 in Port Elizabeth
  • Official 10km roadrace through Mill Park and Newton Park
  • 5km Run / Walk through Mill Park
  • 1km Event for handicapped people and any others around the Grey Schools


10km @ 0630 in College Drive in front of Grey Junior School

5km @ 06h45 in College Drive in front of Grey Junior School

1km @ 07h45 from behind the Junior School Tuck Shop

All events end in front of the Junior School Front Door

Cost: 10km Licensed R25 / Unlicensed R50 (60 years+ licensed Free)

5km / 1km R15 (disabled people Free)


Cash Prizes in categories for 10km event

Lucky draw prizes for entrants in all events

Further details and entry forms

More details phone Loynes Jenkerson 082 644 6422 / 041 581 5643


  • 10KM RUN







14 JANUARY 2012

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