My Last Will and Testament

Monday 2 December 2013: 7 years 3 months on …

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Last week I made an appointment to see my attorney and friend, Anthony Bowes. Despite having seen him shortly after becoming ill, I needed to update my will – seven years later things have changed!

It’s one of those things that we know we have to do and which we never get round to doing it!

So, I just did it!

Not just my will, but my Living Will too.  My instructions to family and doctors regarding my wishes when I can no longer personally express my wishes to those around me.

For those who append their signatures at the bottom as witnesses, it is merely just another piece of paper to sign. For me, I’m literally signing my life away!

So, for me, it’s been a bit stressful and a bit emotional. And my eyes are playing up and I can’t see properly … so I’m not a happy chap right now!

And, on top of it, just at the same time I heard of the passing of Christopher Ross, an ex-pupil of mine, and just 40 years old. A massive stroke that no-0ne could anticipate. Another funeral in the offing.

Another reminder that we all should have our lives in order for when that moment arrives. We never know when!