Grey High School Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa

My out-of-town Facebook friends, my American friends and family, my New Zealand family, my worldwide friends and family, my Facebook friends and followers:

take just a few minutes and look at this video of my city and school, Grey High and Grey Junior School for boys.

This is what brought me to Port Elizabeth, this is where I worked and where Pera works, this is where our two sons, Sean and Phillip were schooled and where they lived in the Grey Boarding House, this is why we and the Grey Family are so blessED to have a fine educational institution in a country where so many have so little … Count your blessings count them one by one !

I think Sir George Grey and Mr John Paterson MP would be suitably impressed if they would be able to return for next year’s 100th birthday celebrations of The Grey’s Mill Park Campus.

Many happy returns of The Grey!

Click here to view the school and the city:

The Week that Was … 19 November 2014

(c) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 2 months ill …
Physical: Game CBD

* Coffee with Len, hair by Grant, chat to Isaac
* Zelda Coppin’s funeral on Monday – missed Remembrance Day service
* Lunnon Trust Fund accounts verified at bank
* Visit to Dr Butters for annual medical check-up (haha Showroom condition! must be a North End PE or a Voortrekker Rd Parow Ct showroom!)
* Op Saterdag was ons in die Oos-Kaap moertoe gepomp deur die wind
* Boks beat England at Twickenham – reminiscing about visit there 4 years
* Commence taking quinine tablets for spasms … hope this works!
* Kevin Williams diagnosed with CBD in Cape Town
*. The Tree Fellow Fadi comes in to trim our garden!
*. Visit Pam Thomson / Debbie Whitley has third round of chemo / john commences chemo
*. Article in weekly magazine Vroukeur
* Chaos in Parliament and International Toilet Day
* Prof Stephen Hawking’s movie is released.
* Struggling to get rid of cold and cough


The Week that was … 12 November 2014

(c) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 2 months ill …
Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Advantage Ed


* Meeting of the MNDA SA (EC) at the St Francis PE Hospice under the new guidance of Sheila Kendal – what a great and informative meeting!

* Problem with car became no problem!

* Advised of death of Zelda Coppin – CBD patient here in PE! RIP Zelda and my condolences to the family

* Supper with Stapes to watch Boks vs Ireland …and we lost! Reminiscing about my trip to Ireland 4 years ago …

* Brunch with the Clarkes – John to start treatment next week (John and Pam diagnosed last week).

*   Advised of sudden death of friend Ludwig Du Toit in London RIP   My condolences to the Du Toit and Wust families.

* Ed is in Wed with Denise Cornish and Colleen Collett. Coffe at Bluwaters Cafe on the beachfront … thanks to Batho de Vries

Zip em Down

(C) 2014 Edward C Lunnon
8 years 2 months ill …
Physical: Deuce / Mental: Advantage Ed


A few weeks ago, I spent time with Terri and Chris Pickels at Chrislyn and Crisscross Adventures in Addo. We canoed, birdwatched, quad-biked and braaied.

This last Sunday, I returned to Addo to spend time with the Tayler-Smiths. Matthew is on holiday, out from Florida and the “boats” of the romantic seas of the world!

Two years ago ,just before he headed off to the boats, we had sat on the banks of the Sundays River on their farm Happy Lands (just upstream from the Pickel’s place) and he had told me of their vision for an adventure area. We had got quite excited but it was difficult to imagine then what was envisaged – especially looking at all the bushland, reeds and rocks.

But, in Matt’s absence, his brother Ryan has proceeded with the hard work and, in September, Addo Adrenalin opened to the public. I was there to try out the zip line!

They gave me all the stats in the rundown to the trip, but I guess i was a little tense and don’t remember too much!

The trip across the river on the pont and the walk up the rather steep cliff of the banks of the Sundays was quite tiring for me. But I made it!

Then up the tower to witness the most magnificent view of the Sundays River Valley – known locally as The Valley!

Then the final attachments of the ropes and the harness and the pulleys, a deep breath and I was gone!

A step from the platform into the void, and then I zipped down, some 500m across the river and into the landing area on the other side!

Another rush of Addo Adrenalin …

We (almost the entire Tayler-Smith compliment, spouses and grandchildren) sat on the stoep of Happy Lands and what a happy afternoon. Lunch and the chit chat passed far too quickly and too soon it was time to go back to Port Elizabeth.

So, once again, thanks for Addo and Sunlands hospitality.

And, to the readers, if you are looking for Adventure – head north out of Port Elizabeth for 40 minutes to Addo (even if it’s raining in PE as it was on Sunday – the sun was shining in The Valley!).

Go zip it down …

There, in amongst the Citrus orchards of the Eastern Cape, you will find the sunshine of the folks of the Valley, and Crisscross Adventures and Adrenalin Addo. Try it out for yourself and be pleasantly surprised.