Ice Bucket Donations

The following two beneficiaries are recommended by local MND and other neurological illness patients:

1) Your local Hospice branch.

In PE go to for various donation options.

Phone Melanie Manson @ 041 360 7070

2) The Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Africa – their website is

and their banking details from the site are:

To make a donation, please send a cheque to the Secretary, or better still by electronic transfer to:

MNDA of SA, Account Number: 270629130 at Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Rondebosch Branch Code: 025009.

Swift Code (essential for International Transfers):

SBZAZAJJ 02500911.

Please make sure to notify our Secretary:

Fax: +27 21 531 6131 or

email her at or

Phone Rina Myburgh in Cape Town @ Motor Neurone Disease / ALS Association of South Africa Р @ 021 5316130

Of course, if you are concerned that you would like the donation to go as close to the patients as possible, why not be creative and do just that – give something directly to each patient in your area: a food parcel, pay the electricity account, give them product, an aeroplane ticket, pay the chemist or physiotherapist account, car service, petrol voucher, clothes, movie tickets, show tickets etc etc. Many haven’t had a holiday in years …

I was reading an article today that in many cases up to 80% of donations given are used in admin costs and never get to the patient. By using a creative method in kind, you are ensuring that your donation goes directly to the patient!

Boetie Gaan Huis Toe


8 jaar siek …

Ek vlieg more-oggend van Algoabaai na Tafelbaai; van Port Elizabeth na Kaapstad. Ek is opgewonde, want ek is op pad na Die Strand toe.

Net ‘n uur se vlug en dan is ek by die huis!

Ja, Boetie gaan huis toe vir twee weke!

As daardie Boeing sy vlerke so draai oor die Hottentots-Holland Berge en die Helderberg verskyn op die regterhand met Valsbaai en Tafelberg op die linkerhand, dan is Die Strand, Gordonsbaai en Somerset-Wes direk onder my.

Dan is ek by die huis en dan pik ek, oudergewoonte, ‘n traantjie weg.

Ek sal julle op hoogte van sake hou …

That’s What Friends Are For

In good times
In bad times

Just more than two years ago, in April 2012, I excitedly wrote about the desire of a few people to start a support group for MND patients in the Eastern Cape.

After a baptism of fire, the group had its first meeting at the Old Grey Club. I also wrote excitedly about my role of involvement in the establishment of that group and securing the venue for its meetings.

It was the birth of the Eastern Province Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Africa. Sr Gaynor Bishop was contracted by the MNDA to assist with the caring of local MND patients.

It is unfortunate that this relationship has now been terminated, and that Sr Gaynor and her ex-husband (as vice chairman and chairman respectively) have now formally announced the existence of “The Friends of Motor Neurone Disease”, a group that has operated quietly for more than a year now. My understanding is that this association has been created in order to ensure that funds generated in the Eastern Cape remains with local patients.

I’m convinced that discussions in this regard could have provided a better solution to this problem, if it did exist. We are heading to a position where we have almost as many fundraisers for MND in PE as we have patients! The cake, shared with so many other charities, can hardly be big enough.

It is ironic that the ice bucket challenge, which was supposed to assist the cause, has precipitated this chain of events. Hopefully, in the long run, it will not detract from the welfare of our MND patients. They suffer enough and do not need to become the football in the friendly game.

It reminds me of so many of our sporting codes where administrators bicker whilst the players just want to play the game!