Hungry in Hungary

The Late Aylan Kurdi from Syria found on a beach in Turkey
(C) 2015 Ed C Lunnon / 9 years ill … / Advantage CBD

Seventy years have passed since the end of World War II in 1945. The world has been celebrating this event over the last few weeks. When we see pictures from that War we are stirred to say “Never Again” would we allow this to happen.

And yet, right now, as I am writing, I am seeing images flash across my TV screen which are as horrific as and reminiscent of those WW II images. Trains and truckloads of people being transported … Displaced by destruction, weary from war, searching for safety and security and fighting for food!

It is the biggest migration of people since World War II – over sea and over land.

And we appear to be allowing it to happen all over again!

Where is the world in Syria?

It’s not an easy solution to a difficult problem and Europe appears to be fighting itself with answers.

I placed a question on FB today … What would you do if truckloads and trainloads and boatloads of migrants arrived on your doorsteps? That in itself has created a healthy debate!

So, as I fight CBD today, my war against my enemy, I repeat the question to you:

What would you do should Aylan have arrived on your doorstep before he drowned in the Mediterranean Sea?

Celebrating 25 years of the Volkswagen Community trust!

For good

Since its inception 25 years ago, the Volkswagen Community trust has had a rich history of responsive and relevant community investment. This has led to a strong focus on education and youth development.

In commemoration of our 25 year anniversary, VWSA will be launching a flagship campaign aimed at promoting functional literacy in the first 10 years of a child’s life. The launch will take place during national book week, and will include a children’s book fair aimed at 200 young learners from pre-schools around the Uitenhage

We have selected guest speakers who are knowledgeable in education that will be speaking about literacy. We would be honoured if you would accept our invitation to attend this exciting event.

Date: Thursday 3rd September 2015.
Venue: Volkswagen of South Africa, The PeoplePavilion, Peter Searle Street, Uitenhage.
Time: 9:00am to 15:00pm.
RSVP: Sizwe Zim on
011 467 3341/082 762 2010

VWSA is committed to making a real difference in South Africa. Please join hands with us as we work to ensure that by the end of grade 3, all learners in our community are able to read with meaning.

3rd September 2015 – Conference Programme

8h00 – 09h00
Registration & tea
09h00 – 09h05
Opening & introduction
Nonkqubela Maliza: Director Corporate and Government Affairs, Volkswagen of South Africa
09h10 – 09h35
Official welcome
Thomas Schaefer: VWSA Managing Director
09h40 -09h50
Audiovisual Presentation
25 Years of The Volkswagen Community Trust
09h55 – 10h25
The state of literacy in South Africa
Angie Motshekga: Minister of Basic Education or Mandla Makupula: Education MEC, Eastern Cape
10h30 – 11h00
Building firm foundations: the role of getting reading right in the Foundation Phase
Nicholas Spaull: Education Researcher and Lecturer at Stellenbosch University
11h05 – 11h15
Choir performance
Venita Van Wyk’s Choral Group
11h20 – 11h40 Tea
11h45 – 12h00
Host address – Celebrating 25 years of The Volkswagen Community Trust
Nonkqubela Maliza: Director Corporate and Government Affairs, Volkswagen of South Africa
12h05 – 12h45
Inspirational Panel Discussion: Home language literacy VS English literacy: Fostering literacy development in English & exploring the advantages of home language proficency.
Cebo Solombela: Poet, songwriter, storyteller and translator for Sifunda SonkeBarbara Matthews: Chairperson of the ICDP TrustMaurita Glynn Weissenberg: Founder & Executive Director of Shine LiteracyMadoda Ndlakuse: Director of Eastern Cape Book Festival, Poet & Author

12h50 – 13h15
Inspirational speaker address – Child development towards education
Connie Ngcaba: author of “May I have This Dance”
13h20 – 13h50 Lunch
13h55 – 14h00
Creative writing reading
Learner from a local school
14h05 – 14h45
Educational Panel Address – Transforming the public education system in SA, bridging the divide between classroom based realities and wider policy development
Dr Dave Harrison: CEO of DG Murray Trust Elinor Sisulu: Chairperson of Puku Children’s Literature FoundationKimberly Porteus: Director of Nelson Mandela Institute of Education & Rural DevelopmentCarole Bloch: Director of PRAESANicholas Spaull: Education Researcher and Lecturer at Stellenbosch University
14h45 – 15h00
KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Excellence in writing for children
Sizwe Mabizela: Vice Chancellor of Rhodes University

Take Your Pick

(C) 2015 Ed C Lunnon / Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce / 8 years 11 months ill…

Traffic jam in Port Elizabeth today? It didn’t affect my mode of transport … Something for every occasion!

Thanks for all the messages. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

In the almost 9 years of being ill, I have not had to deal with this sort of pain. Hopefully we will find a solution soon. In the meantime, please don’t expect me to answer individual letters, notes and emails. I will continue corresponding with you through my blog site.

See you soon!

I Watched a Murder Today

What a day it’s been!

When I woke up this morning, I was in once again in unbelievable pain. The difference was that unlike previous mornings, it didn’t go away.

I could barely walk and, at bedtime, can still not walk. The pain is excruciating!

The wheelchair has been brought into my room. I’m not sure I want to see it there.

After I was needled by the chiropractor, I had an appointment with the oral hygienist. It’s not an appointment that I enjoy, but one thing I do know, I shall leave this world with the best cared-for teeth. Can one leave one’s teeth to be transplanted or for the use of medical science? My thanks to my dental team who take such good care of me!

Because I was so sore, I remained on my bed for the rest of today. CNN and Facebook were on.

Resultantly, I saw the tweets as they were posted and before they were removed!

Two young journalists shot and killed live on camera on air.

With all the electronic devices and social media at our disposal, today I watched and witnessed a murder live on air!

Not a video game, not a toy gun, not a scripted movie, not stunt models. This was the real thing!

I saw a murder taking place from behind the barrel of a gun!

What a week it’s been.

The stock exchange has fallen.

The value of the rand has fallen.

The price of oil has fallen.

My legs have fallen.

The morals of our society have fallen.

Mr PE!

The Lunnon Bros with the Zeelie Bros …

Hang with us, we’ll make you famous …

Then and now ..

Jordan Zeelie Mr PE 2015

Congrats on your 21st birthday Jordan!

All welcome to your birthday bash at the Boardwalk Casino tonight Thursday at 21h00.


For the Record

(c) 2015 Ed C Lunnon / 8 years 11 months Ill… / Physical: Advantage CBD – Mental: Deuce

It’s almost the end of August 2015.

I haven’t written for a while now – certainly the longest break since I started writing these blogs.

We returned from Canada and USA in the middle of July. Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley seem like a dream.

The rand is at an all-time low (14 to the dollar and 20 to the pound), my muscles are racked with pain, I have been ill for almost 9 years, Charlie is 4 years old, Phillip is 20.

I am now seeing the chiropractor, the Biokineticist, the masseur and my stalwart support from the St Francis Hospice of Port Elizabeth are seeing me. I am becoming reliant on my walking stick from Kelowna, the crutches and the stroller … And I am finding it easier to sit and lie down. Mentally, the forgetfulness increases …

I shall write more this week … Hopefully the rain will cease sometime soon. It seems not to have stopped since we got back from 40 degree British Columbia! And our load shedding has come to an end … In Ryan Street at least!

Wheelchair Wednesday

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 9 months ill / Physical: Adv CBD – Mental: Advantage ED


For our recent trip to Canada and the USA, my airline bookings were made with the instruction that I would need wheelchair assistance. We did this because at the time of the bookings in January, we had no idea as to what my health would be like in June and it was also becoming increasingly difficult for me to walk longer distances.

So, we would need assistance at the following airports and I believe that assistance is provided by the relevant airport companies and not the various airlines:


Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, London, Vancouver, Kelowna


Kelowna, Vancouver, Denver, Dallas


Dallas, Washington DC, Johannesburg and Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth

Where our request worked, it worked well! Where it didn’t work, it didn’t work! And sometimes, the service was somewhere inbetween.

So where did it work? Try guesssing before you read further!

It worked well in London and internally in Vancouver.

It didn’t work in Port Elizabeth (outbound nor inbound), Johannesburg (outbound nor inbound), Vancouver (international to USA), Denver, Dallas (inbound nor outbound) nor Washington DC.

Where it worked well, I was taken from aeroplane to next aeroplane without a hitch, including going through checking in procedures, passport control and customs checks at the front of the queue (where applicable).

 Where it didn’t work, a wheelchair just didn’t arrive. Where it partially worked, I was left at spots in the terminal buuildings with no guarantee of a further collection … indeed , on one ocassion in Vancouver i had to make a miraculous recovery and leave the wheelchair in order to walk to our plane before it departed!

It was my first trip using a wheelchair and was international travel from the perspective of a handicapped person.

It was stressful (how much more stressful can international travel become?!)

It removed the ability to enjoy airport shopping and gawk at fellow travellers. Often I was parked in lonely corners of the airport building and empty basements and bleak underground tunnels and corridors built in the bowels of airport buildings.

Passing other passengers at a rapid pace in the seated position left me looking at peoples’ navels and bums and legs and shoes!

I learned for the next trip that I should make sure in advance exactly what to expect,  who to ask, what to ask and when to ask. No one is going to ask you if you do not ask them!

Make being an assisted passenger work for you … it certainly helps!  

The New World (Day 1)

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 9 months ill … / Physical: Deuce – Mental: Deuce

Monday 15 June

I spent most of Sunday night up and about – an upset tummy is not what you want on the night before your departure! All yesterday’s lovely steak gone and all my pills gone!

Not a good start on our way to the Northern Hemisphere!

Anyway, feeling a bit jaded as we do the last minute packing and head off to the PE Airport at noon – Phillip at the wheel and Sean to join us at the airport.

More later  …