Where’s Ed?

Ill 10 years 11 months | Physical Advantage CBD / Mental Deuce | (c) 2017 Edward C Lunnon

I have been quiet for a long while now.

Since I became ill, the last few weeks have been the most difficult. Physically, I am treading new waters. Needless to say, mentally, I have to paddle faster each day to keep afloat.

But I will be back. Watch this space …

Winter Solstice

  • Today is the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere
  • It is mid-winter
  • It is raining (please, Sir, we need some more!)
  • There is a gale force wind blowing
  • Claire Stewart passed away RIP – our condolences to the Stewarts and Stapletons
  • I had the third adjustment to my new leg brace
  • I have had a pain-free morning
  • The Constitutional Court rules secret ballots permissible with authority by the Speaker of the House
  • Pres Zuma appears in the House to answer questions about State Capture
  • The Tsitsikamma fires are extinguished

Finally, when the smoke clears, we are left with memories of the past, sorrow of the present, and hope for the future.

We share in your sorrow, and we celebrate in our humanity and community of family, friends and strangers, looking forward to new beginnings, hope and a revitalised Woodridge that will rise from the ashes of despair. The bridge of hell will connect the sadness of the past with the promise of the future. We are mindful that we only lost material possessions, whilst others lost their lives. We salute the courage of those who fought the fires. We treasure our memories, for that is all we have left. We came into this world with nothing and we shall all leave with nothing. We celebrate Life.