The Sounds of Silence

Its been a week since my back op. Thanks for the good wishes. I’ve been rather quiet in cyber space, partly because of the pain, the uncomfortableness of lying on my back, and however many other excuses. Slowly – I will return! Marchons! Marchons!

I Wanna Break Free!

A NORAD military blimp, the size of a football field, has broken free from its tether in Maryland USA.

It is now somewhere over Pennsylvania, dragging its tether cable along the geound, and cutting off electricity to thousands of homes.

Watch CNN for breaking news. 

It is now on the ground!  (22h00 Gmt +2)

Spring has Sprung

9 years 1 month ill | Physical: Adv CBD / Mental: Deuce

I haven’t written for a long while not since we returned from Canada and the USA. This has been as a result of numerous activities that have kept me busy, but mostly because of my health and all the pain that I have had to endure over the past few months.

Firstly, let me thank all those people who made it possible for Pera and I to travel to the Americas. I shall write more about that when I have the chance. Glynn and Carol andthe whole Jones family and the Whitley’s and Frederick’s in the USA – thank you so very much for making it all possible. I had never thought that I would see you all again. And to those of you who were at school with me in Oklahoma and made huge efforts to come and see me – thanks again!

Please remember that our home is always open for those of you who are brave enough to cross the Atlantic pond and to visit Africa – you will not be disappointed!

So much has happened since we got back. On the world stage there have been all kinds of political developments – the world is in turmoil and everyone appears to be on the move looking for a better place to live. There have been wars and more wars; planes, buses, boats and cars have crashed; people have been injured, friends and family have passed away; governments and politicians have come and gone, babies have been born, and only the Queeen of England remains steadfast in an ever changing world!

There have been all the geographical occurrences: earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, global warming, and even the discovery of ancient Naledi humanoids and etc etc etc.

On the health-front, the very reason for me trying to stay in contact with you, I have seen a steady decline in a number of areas including my walking, speech, memory and for the first time ongoing excruciating pain in my  backside. I have used my walking stick, my crutches, a walker, a wheelchair and my golf cart!

I have seen doctors, physio’s,chiro’s, specialists, taken pills, medicine, et al and had exercises, massages, et al and more.  I have become the proverbial Guinea pig! Still the pain persists!

Hopefully, my visit this week to the neuro-surgeon will result in something more concrete, and a solution to the problem. The good news is that the pain is not related to the CBD. The bad news is that there is a physical problem in my lower spine.

I have not traveled much since getting back from Canada. We did however, manage a quick flying visit to Keurboomstrand to see our family from Bristol in the Uk. It was great being able to visit with cousin Margaret and Gerome and their family. 

So, as we enter spring and the season of new life, we look forward to new beginnings and I hope, a solution to this ongoing pain.

As I remember more events to share with you, I will add to my blogs. Thanks for reading, for caring and sharing.


Marching to Pretoria: All Rhodes lead to the Capital

Friday 23 October 2015 (c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon

What will this day be like?

I wonder …

What will our future be …

I wonder.

It could be so exciting to be out in the world to be free

Our hearts should be gladly rejoicing!

Oh what’s the matter with me?

As a privileged student at Stellenbosch in the seventies/eighties:

  • we ran in the streets at Karnavaal with tins collecting for the “underprivileged”
  • We built floats and designed placards at rag time 
  • We took porcelain gnomes from residents’ garden and street signs from the sidewalk which we displayed in our res rooms
  • We ran in groups though the ladies’ residences and a prize went to that person who collected the most pieces of ladies underwear
  • We ran naked though the streets of Stellenbosch – from Coetzenberg to Helshoogte
  • We made fires too  – for our braais in Jonkershoek
  • We smuggled Tassies and Tannies into our rooms
  • We  demonstrated by putting the milk powder that replaced our nightly glass of fresh milk into the fountain in the front of the Conserve … The fountain was replaced with a garden and we got our fresh milk back!
  • We considered all this as being “onskuldige studente pret”. We tested kampusbeheer to the hilt!
  • We worked during holidays and after hours to pay our bills.
  • We never had money but never seemed to be out of money!
  • We were being defiant when we refused to wear ties to classes and at Sunday lunches.

I’m busy watching the biggest Rag day ever seen in SA  – how times have changed!

Please add your memories to this note …

The Winds of Change

This speech made in the SA Parliament by British PM Harold Macmillan on 3 February 1960 acquired its name from a now famous quotation

“The winds of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political face”

This afternoon we saw both figuratively and literally new winds of change blowing through our country.

As the Minister of Finance was delivering his budget speech in Parliament, scenes of riots, policemen, students and violent clashes were playing themselves out on the stairs of Parliament.

The notorious Cape Town southeaster was howling and the tablecloth was cascading over Table Mountain.

Is Wednesday 21 October 2015 the new Student Spring of South Africa?

Is this the new winds of change blowing through South Africa?

Weep our beloved country!