One Life One Land One Karoo – Don’t FRACK it up!

Profit versus Way of Life

THE tightly-knit Karoo community is understandably prepared to fight tooth and nail to prevent Dutch oil giant Shell from proceeding with its controversial plan to drill for shale gas in the arid region.

Opposition to the plan is growing by the day and it is clear a long battle awaits Shell before it drills its first hole.

While the oil giant has embarked on an extensive public relations and advertising campaign in a bid to allay fears about the consequences of drilling for shale gas – known as fracking – thousands of metres below the surface, residents of the Karoo remain unconvinced. The imponderables are just far too many and their very way of life is under threat.

Of most concern is the effect the drilling operations will have on scarce underground water resources – water crucial to farming operations which produce much of the country’s meat, wool and mohair.

As we report today, local scientists believe Shell’s Environmental Management Plan on which the Energy Minister will need to base his decision to allow the drilling to proceed or otherwise, is flawed containing incorrect data.

Clearly, it is time for the government to become more proactive in the dispute.

The very future of one of the nation’s most unique regions hangs in the balance because of corporate greed.

(Editorial: Weekend Post Saturday 26 March 2011)


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12 comments on “One Life One Land One Karoo – Don’t FRACK it up!

  1. AnneCatt Catt: Let us not mess up the Karoo. Oil companies are good at messing up!!!

    Lets learn to live without gas!! Impossible????? Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  2. I hope the knowledgeable government department staff (if there are any) will make the correct decision and decline the permit to frack~just look what BP caused in the Gulf of Mexico. It must be opposed and challenged.

  3. Please do not forget about the two other oil companies that have applied for mining rights in the Karoo – Bundu and Falcon also has applications pending and we must also stop them!

    Please allow my 1 year old daughter to grow up in Graaff-Reinet without environmental pollutants.

  4. Lets stand together and put an end to this before it starts. Money cannot buy life, but Shell’s money is willing to take it away, your life, my life and all the others living in our beautiful karoo. The bribe money already paid can buy the ministers of Minerals and Energy a ticket to where ever they want to run and hide. Lets protect ourselves and stand up for our human rights & the rights of our environment. Together we are strong. We can and we will…

  5. The Government will have to be well informed to not fall for the jargon and fairy tales being told by Shell. We need to get Gov to drop to this backward idea that gas is so desirable and replace it with creative ideas to move forward using renewable energy sources.

  6. For decades communities have been suffering due to corporate and mining activities all over the world. There are so many reports from residents that have gone unheard through the years – of people suffering from chemical pollution and water contamination from mining. There are only bad reports from communities and areas where fracking has been allowed to take place, and this will be no different.

    We simply CAN NOT permit fracking to commence. Not in the Karoo, Not ANYWHERE. We just need to stand together, SAY NO, and demand that our leaders and the decision making department staff listen to us and act in the best interest of all of us – not only the Karoo residents or community, but all the people of our nation! We are all affected if the water of the Karoo is contaminated!!

    NO to fracking! Yes to solar and wind energy.

  7. No you Frackin’ DON’T!!! Fracking is illegal in other countries, so why should it just be accepted here as the way its gonna be!!! It’s time to live with integrity…

  8. Fracking poses so many threats on so many levels, one barely knows where to start – our scarce and precious water supply? Our sensitive environment? Our animal and plant life? Our health? Our job losses? Our loss of food production? Our loss of tourism income (who is going to travel to the Karoo to come see 24 drill sites?) Gas energy is not renewable or sustainable. ur land is precious, its special. Don’t let them frack it up for about ten year’s worth of gas energy (which is not a cleaner fossil fuel as they would try and have us believe), Please! Join the TKAG mailing list at (mailing list in the subject) and join the groups in lobbying government and other roleplayers – don’t let them approve these licenses to explore. Someone informed me from the Netherlands that their gas energy is almost depleted and Europe is now turning its eyes to Africa. It won’t even be for our own benefit. It’s all about money, don;t be fooled. We can’t drink money, we can’t produce water! There are other alternative to our energy needs. Get involved – Stop Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo. Please support the TKAG by donating time and money to help them facilitate our opposition against fracking in the Karoo.

  9. from to-day I will buy nothing from Shell till they abandon this idea.If enough people do this,they will stop soon enough!!!!

  10. Ed loved your show on Wed. All this awareness has to help. I believe Shell is now paying for some journos to go over to the US on a “propoganda” trip. We’ll see how objective they are when they get back, wined and dined by the oily ones…

    Here is an interesting link
    Pastor Barry Wuganaale – Project Co-ordinator for the Ogoni Solidarity Forum speaks out against Shell. He warns all South Africans not to allow Shell to explore for gas in the Karoo. He added that “Shell can not be trusted their only objective is profit!”

  11. People, animals …our entire planet is sustained through protecting and nurturing our environment, Water is a precious resource … so precious it makes up 70% of our body! If we neglect to take care of the earth, we neglect our body, our spirit and sound the death knell for future generations. Choose life over corporate greed.
    From today I am not supporting Shell – 23 November 2011

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